AWB CompWise Workers' Compensation Retrospective Rating Program

Drive down workers' comp costs by emphasizing worker safety!CompWise Retro

As a participant of the CompWise Retro Program, AWB members can qualify for premium refunds and lower the upfront payments made to the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) each quarter.

CompWise delivers expert support and service in the areas of risk management, safety consulting, accident prevention and claims management. In addition, our merit-based refund formula gives you more control over your individual results; some successful participants have received premium refunds of more than 50 percent.

How does the program work?

As an AWB CompWise member, you’ll benefit from joining together with other companies to maximize your refund potential and minimize risk.

Employers continue to pay their workers’ compensation premiums to L&I. The group’s premiums are pooled together, and at the end of the plan year if premiums exceed claims costs, surplus premium dollars are refunded to members. AWB CompWise aggressively and proactively manages claims and monitors each member’s workplace safety performance so that results are positive for the group.

Participating companies are screened prior to enrollment and monitored thereafter to ensure the group’s performance and workplace safety standards are met.

At this time, Retro groups are available for firms in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Service/Retail/Wholesale
  • Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Facility & Property Management
  • Transportation & Warehousing

Find out how your company can reduce workers’ comp costs today.

Improve your bottom line:

CompWise Testimonial

  • Qualify for premium refunds
    • All of the refund dollars go back to you.
  • Lower upfront premium payments to L&I
    • Improving workplace safety and reducing accidents means your premiums go down.
  • Receive rewards for safety
    • The better your safety record, the higher your refund.
  • No hidden costs
    • Members pay a flat administrative fee that includes program services.

“We are very pleased with AWB’s responsiveness to any issue and the commitment to helping us improve our safety program. Not only do we receive refunds on our L&I premiums,
AWB CompWise has also helped us reduce the amount of upfront premiums we pay. The program makes our job much easier and is a great business decision.”

-- Betsy Slater, Woodland Park Zoo