Salary & Benefits Survey

Wage Access SurveyThe Association of Washington Business has partnered with WageAccess® to provide our members with trusted, current and accurate online salary and benefits survey results at an extremely competitive price.

Survey Features:

  • 900+ benchmark positions
  • 10,000+ participating organizations across the United States
  • Online survey participation and results
  • Quarterly updates to survey results (participation required once annually)
  • Ability to select and filter survey results by any combination of:
    • Geographic Location (national, regional, state and local areas)
    • Industry
    • Number of Employees
    • Annual Revenue
  • Comprehensive set of descriptive statistics and trends
  • Extensive variety of compensation analysis tools include:
    • Quartile analysis
    • Percentile ranking
    • Market analysis
  • Incentive pay and pay practices results are included
  • Benefits survey results are also included

All This for One Low Price!

Subscribe using the special AWB promotion code, AWB223, to receive the annual survey subscription at a discounted rate. Once data has been submitted and payment received, you can immediately view survey results comprised of data collected in previous quarters of the survey.

Annual Survey Subscription

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$749.00 $899.00

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If you have not yet participated in the survey, it's not too late. Since the survey results are updated quarterly, your data can still be included. Click here to sign-up now!

Use the Special Promotion Code when signing up!

Participants who do not use this special promotion code when signing up for the survey will not have access to the reduced member survey pricing. For more information about the survey please contact WageAccess at 866.926.9400 or via email.

Promo Code: AWB223

Sign up online for the AWB Salary and Benefits Survey, either as a participant or non-participant.

To view an interactive demonstration of the Annual Survey Results, click here or call 866.926.9400.