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Friday, September 21

AWB announces final legislative race endorsements

Employer group voices support for candidates who will help small, medium and large businesses thrive throughout all of Washington

OLYMPIA — The Association of Washington Business, the state’s oldest and largest business organization, announced its remaining endorsements for state legislative races.

“Washington employers are committed to supporting legislative candidates who understand the decisions they make in Olympia can impact small, medium and large businesses in every corner of the state,” said AWB President Kris Johnson. “We’re fortunate that parts of our economy are doing well but we’re also keenly aware the economic recovery has not been equal throughout every industry or geographic region. The candidates we’re endorsing for the Legislature demonstrated an understanding of the issues facing employers and a desire to help employers grow, which will enable families and communities to prosper.”

Candidate endorsements are the result of a months-long process based on member input and candidate interviews. In the case of incumbents, any candidate with an 80 percent or higher voting record with the association receives an automatic endorsement. Automatic endorsements were announced previously and can be viewed here. AWB endorsed additional candidates prior to the August primary election and they can be viewed here.

On Thursday, AWB board members voted to endorse the following candidates for the state Legislature:

  • 3rd District, position 2: Dave Lucas
  • 6th District, position 2: Jenny Graham
  • 7th District, position 1: Jacquelin Maycumber
  • 8th District, position 2: Matt Boehnke
  • 12th District, position 1: Keith Goehner
  • 14th District, position 1: Chris Corry
  • 16th District, position 2: Skyler Rude
  • 19th District, position 2: Brian Blake
  • 21th District, position 2: Petra Bigea
  • 24th District, position 1: Mike Chapman
  • 24th District, position 2: Steve Tharinger
  • 25th District, position 1: Kelly Chambers
  • 25th District, position 2: Chris Gildon
  • 26th District, position 1: Jesse Young
  • 26th District, position 2: Michelle Caldier
  • 26th District State Senator: Marty McClendon
  • 27th District, position 2: Jake Fey
  • 30th District, position 1: Linda Kochmar
  • 30th District, position 2: Kristine Reeves
  • 38th District, position 1: Bert Johnson
  • 39th District, position 2: Carolyn Eslick
  • 39th District, State Senator:  Keith Wagoner
  • 41th District, position 2:  Michael Appleby
  • 44th District, position 1: Jeff Sax
  • 45th District, position 2: Larry Springer
  • 45th District, State Senator: Dale Fonk
  • 48th District, position 2: Amy Walen

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