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Monday, June 2

AWB Statement on EPA Standard for Power Plants

OLYMPIA — Kris Johnson, president of the Association of Washington Business, issued the following statement today in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed standard for existing power plants:

“Today’s announcement by President Obama and the EPA is disappointing in that it does not take into account the impact on our manufacturing sector. The availability of affordable, reliable baseload energy is perhaps one of the biggest competitiveness factors, both here in Washington and all across the United States. This proposal stands to eliminate that competitive advantage. The proposed changes would devastate the manufacturing industry, one of the country’s leading providers of family-wage jobs, at a time we most need skilled manufacturing workers. And manufacturing is the industry that has been leading us out of the recession. Today’s announcement puts these jobs at risk by creating, in effect, an energy crisis.

“Employers in our state are also concerned about the proposal’s dual state and federal regulatory tracks, with 50 states creating 50 different regulatory processes. It’s an uneven initiative, and creates a competitiveness challenge since regulations will not be consistent from state to state. This really calls for a more streamlined, balanced approach from the federal government, one that balances the needs of industry and manufacturers with the environment. There are ways to do both, and we must work together to find solutions that balance our economic and job needs with protection of our environment.”

About the Association of Washington Business

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