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Wednesday, November 7

AWB statement on voter rejection of I-1631

Initiative 1631 would have created a new energy tax that would have directly impacted low- and fixed-income Washingtonians and employers by increasing the cost of energy, fuel and natural gas, without any guarantee of lower carbon emissions

OLYMPIA — Association of Washington Business President Kris Johnson today offered the following statement on voters’ rejection of Initiative 1631, which would have created an ever-increasing fee on carbon emissions and raise the cost of energy, fuel and natural gas:

“The defeat of Initiative 1631 illustrates that voters understand that Washington state residents – employers, employees and their families – are already leading the way on lowering carbon emissions through private investment in innovation and personal choices.

“AWB shares the goal of protecting the environment but opposed the initiative because we believed it was simply the wrong approach. It would have raised the cost of fuel, energy and natural gas, impacting families and employers — particularly small businesses — with no guarantee it would have resulted in a meaningful reduction of carbon emissions.

“Our members also raised concerns about the lack of accountability within the measure. An unelected board would have been charged with oversight of the billions of dollars raised by the new tax.

“Washington employers and their employees remain committed to reducing carbon emissions and we look forward to working with lawmakers and others to build on our record of strong environmental stewardship.”

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