October 1, 2019

On the road again: AWB's Manufacturing Week tour kicks off

By: Andrew Lenderman   Comments: 0
AWB employees pose at the state Capitol in Olympia shortly before the 2019 Manufacturing Week bus left on Oct. 1 for a seven-day, cross-state tour to visit dozens of Washington manufacturers, from makers of microchips to aluminum; airplanes to apples. (Photo: Brian Mittge/AWB)

The storytellers and advocates for Washington manufacturers climbed into a tour bus Tuesday night to begin a long journey.

Their job: Cross the state, visit dozens of employers and tell the world about the creative products and great jobs in Washington’s diverse manufacturing sector.

AWB’s government affairs and communications teams will visit employers that make fly-fishing rods, industrial tanks, gloves, boats and more over seven days.

The tour begins Wednesday morning in Vancouver at SEH America.

“Manufacturing is a great story for Washington, and AWB is honored to share it,” AWB President Kris Johnson said. “I’m looking forward to connecting with our members in all regions of the state, and learning more about the issues that matter most to Washington employers.”

Washington’s manufacturing sector is a big deal for the state economy, representing nearly 12 percent of the state’s total economic output. The sector’s total output was about $59 billion in 2017.

This productivity comes from about 7,636 manufacturing firms, ranging from small family businesses to some of the world’s biggest and most successful companies. The ripple effect helps Washington families, too. The average compensation is more than $88,000 per year, and the sector employs nearly 288,000 people across the state.

Manufacturing matters. AWB has undertaken this tour to raise awareness of the foundational role manufacturing plays in the state and regional economy. The tour will also call attention to the challenges facing manufacturing, and create new connections to serve AWB members, and the state’s public policy discussions.

Stay in touch with all of the latest Manufacturing Week bus tour news here on the blog, and follow us on social media with the hashtag #MFGisWA. For more information please contact AWB at 360.943.1600.

We’ll see you on the road.