July 15, 2019

Get to know the people who represent you in the federal government

By: Lori Maricle   Comments: 0
The 2019 Federal Affairs Summit will be held at PNNL in the Tri-Cities Aug. 19-20. Registration is now open!

The United State Constitution guarantees us the right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” This means you get to complain to your representatives about what isn’t working for you, or tell them about what could help you. Federal issues from immigration to infrastructure and international trade impact Washington employers every day. That's why it's critical that Washington businesses engage with our federal delegation and government agencies.

Connecting with your representatives gives them the opportunity to hear directly from their constituents (you) about issues that matter the most to the local communities across the state they represent.

The Association of Washington Business (AWB) is providing members a fantastic opportunity to connect with our congressional delegation at the 2019 Federal Affairs Summit August 19-20. We have invited the full congressional delegation and staff to participate and sincerely hope you will join us for a day of discussion about federal issues impacting Washington business and some of the state’s biggest economic drivers.

This event is ideal for employers -- both small and large -- whose business is impacted by federal policy, including trade, immigration and infrastructure, to connect with our state’s policy makers.

This is the third time AWB is coordinating an event on federal policy. Past summit topics have included trade, workforce, the North American Free Trade Agreement, infrastructure and the U.S. Export-Import Bank. This year, the event will be held at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, operated by Battelle, in the Tri-Cities.

Small to medium businesses are a large part of our state economy. Your voice is essential in informing our state representatives about the policies and initiatives that will allow our state to thrive. Leverage this face-to-face networking opportunity to ask questions, discuss federal policy and build strong connections with the lawmakers who serve Washington employers and communities.

Join us to #ConnectWithCongress this August, register online now!