November 4, 2019

Cosmic Crisp reviews: "That's everything I like in an apple all at once..."

By: Brian Mittge   Comments: 1
The Washington state Capitol looms above a Cosmic Crisp apple, photographed outside the Association of Washington Business headquarters in Olympia on Monday, Nov. 4, 2019. (Photo: Brian Mittge/AWB)
I'll admit to being a little bit of a super fan when it comes to Washington's newest apple, the Cosmic Crisp

Developed by the experts at Washington State University, this apple isn't even on store shelves yet, but it's already taken hold of many people's imagination -- myself among them. (Recent news coverage of this new apple variety has included TIME, Sunset magazine and even the British version of Wired).

Last week I was shopping at a local market, picking up my usual bag of Honeycrisp apples, and I asked the clerk (trying to be nonchalant) whether he had any Cosmic Crisps in stock yet. 

"I wish," he said. "Everyone keeps asking about them."

Imagine my surprise and delight this morning when a work colleague surprised me with a real life Cosmic Crisp that she found for sale at a local farmers market, mysteriously available before the official Dec. 1 release date. 

I sliced the apple up and gave it to folks around the AWB office to gauge their reaction. The most common response: "Yummmmmmmm."

Other comments:
  • "Ooh, that’s good. I like that."
  • "Like a Honeycrisp but with a little tart to it."
  • "Delightful. A little tart, a little crisp."
  • "Oh man. That's everything I like in an apple all at once. A little lemony flavor along with the sweetness. The texture. Mmmm."
  • "That's like a combination of a Granny Smith and a Honeycrisp. I like it."
  • "Wow. It's delicious. These are really good. I like them because they're sweet. I'm not really a sour apple person. This is a nice combination of tart and sweet."
  • "Oh man. It is cosmically crispy. It reminds me of a Pink Lady. Super yummy. 
  • "It's nice and tart."
  • "It has a real sweetness to it. It's making my tongue very happy. I approve."
The story of how the Cosmic Crisp was created dates back 20 years. KREM television in Spokane aired an in-depth report last week on the apple's creation, and the unique fact that the apple was bred in Washington, to thrive in Washington's climate, and is only being licensed to growers in Washington. 

"It fits WSU's land grant mission. Our whole mission is to be supporting the industry of our state," Kate Evans, interim director of the WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center, told the television station.

Twelve million Cosmic Crisp trees have been planted in Washington, and 18 million pounds of the apples are set to ship across the country in December alone, according to the TIME magazine report.

For a long read about the apple and the monumental marketing effort surrounding its launch, check out this detailed story from last summer in The California Sunday Magazine.

AWB will be featuring the Cosmic Crisp in this winter 2020 edition of our quarterly magazine, Washington Business. We'll look at the impact this delicious new apple is having on our state's important fruit growing and packing industries. 

Talk about sweet news. Stay tuned. 


Wendy Rimmelspacher Jan 5

We are loving the new Cosmic Crisp apple. Thank you, WSU! These apples are absolutely perfect.