June 6, 2019

Leaders from around the state to meet for solutions at Housing Forum

By: Lori Maricle   Comments: 0

Tacoma is now the hottest housing market in the nation as frustrated Seattle buyers look south for more affordable prices.

That news, based on a Redfin study released last month, is just latest in a series of headlines about Washington’s booming real estate market and the accompanying challenges it poses for home buyers, communities and employers.

And it’s not just an issue confined to the Puget Sound. The ability to find and afford housing is an emerging issue that spans the state and impacts all of us.

That’s why a diverse coalition of organizations representing employers, cities, ports and others is joining together to host a Housing Forum July 8 in Bellevue. The one-day event will bring together problem-solvers from across the state and political spectrum to make headway on ensuring affordable housing for workforce and families in our state's communities.

High-quality affordable housing is a key factor in the ability to attract and retain a skilled workforce. Finding a house within the same community as a place of employment allows employees a better work-life balance. This contributes to stable communities, healthier families and a higher quality of life.

The forum will examine some of the issues impacting housing affordability including best practices in land use, what factors drive costs in housing, how to attract development in rural and urban communities alike and the lack of “middle market” and workforce housing.

Addressing the issue is critical for the health of Washington’s economy and communities. The current housing affordability gap can put strain on workers and families. It can also cause instability that can spiral into public safety issues, impacting the businesses, residents, visitors, and workers of our Washington communities.

Part of AWB’s vision for Washington is that is has a quality of place second to none. But Washington state is facing a dire housing crisis if there is not swift action. Because of this, AWB and nine other diverse business and statewide advocacy groups are joining forces to host a forum on housing availability and affordability July 8 in Bellevue.

Join us for this significant, wide-ranging discussion on housing availability and affordability.

We need the voice and perspective of employers in manufacturing, technology and small business to engage with a variety of housing industry stakeholders in order to help us foster action on strengthening the health of our communities and statewide economy. By joining in the conversation, you can contribute to building a better environment for your business to thrive in the statewide economy.

Find complete event details and register online today.