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June 26, 2017

AWB's rebranding: A look at what's ahead

By: Bobbi Cussins   Comments: 0
This blog has covered the launch of of AWB's brand update and new logo, what a rebrand entails and explained the work and visuals behind the new logo, but there is a lot of good rebranding work still to come.

Along with letterhead, business cards and the myriad of collateral materials AWB utilizes, you’ll see an update to the summer edition of Washington Business magazine. It will be "reskinned" to incorporate the new logo style, brand guidelines and color scheme.

We'll undertake some construction on the building as well. That will include remodeling of the lobby area - our "first impression" area - and large and small conference rooms. Construction is slated to begin when session has adjourned.

Members will, no doubt, miss the warm wood paneling and the 1960’s drapery. It will be replaced by a modern look and inviting colors, new tables and chairs and new technology. Additionally, the portraits of past AWB presidents that line the room will be relocated.

In the reception area, visitors will be greeted by a modernized and reconfigured space to accommodate guests and the new, full-color logo will be front and center.

If you’re wondering about the cement “AWB” sign in the parking lot, well, that will be refaced as well. 

Finally, attendees of AWB's annual Policy Summit at Suncadia Resort Sept. 19-21 will see the new branding fully incorporated into the decor and presentations.

The next year will see a lot of visual and structural changes that remind members and visitors of where we've been and, more importantly, where we're headed.