March 14, 2017

2017 Workforce Summit: Debunking generational stereotypes in the workplace

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Rebecca Ryan, futurist and economist will deliver the keynote address at the 2017 Workforce Summit

Let’s talk about generational stereotypes in the workplace.

Maybe you have heard some of these:

  • Baby boomers are optimistic workaholics, but they don’t really know how to use technology and are uncomfortable with change.
  • Gen Xers are viewed as savvy, self-reliant and passionate workers, but they are labeled as cynics and have a high degree of skepticism in the workplace.
  • Millennials are efficient and visual learners who seek meaningful work, but they feel underappreciated and believe they are entitled to swift promotions.

If any of this sounds familiar, AWB’s first-ever Workforce Summit is for you.

This one-day event, March 22 at Motif Seattle, will explore the rapidly changing workforce and what it means for business leaders to have four generations coexisting in the workforce.

A line-up of speakers that includes Rebecca Ryan, a futurist and author of the book “ReGeneration: A Manifesto for America’s Next Leaders,” will examine issues such as the ever-growing number of baby boomers leaving the workforce, the rise of Generation X into leadership roles and the insurgence of millennials and Gen Z into the workforce.

And they will debunk some of the unfounded stereotypes.

Are baby boomers incapable of adapting? Are Gen Xers too self-reliant for leadership roles? Are millennials as entitled as they are portrayed?

As the workforce gets younger, employers, human resource professionals and organizations like AWB will increasingly need to be aware and prepared to address generational changes and evolving leadership styles in the workplace.

“We have a wider range of ages in the workforce than we have ever had before in American history,” said Robby Slaughter, workflow and productivity expert for AccelaWork Business Improvement. “It’s only getting wider.”

To help understand current perceptions, we took to the streets of Olympia and asked people for their opinions about generational stereotypes — good and bad — in the workplace.

The video shows boomers, Gen Xers, millennials and Gen Zs giving honest answers to questions about their own generations as well as other generations. The responses should give employers some perspective on how these stereotypes could impact a multi-generational office.

The Workforce Summit will give participants - business owners, leaders and human resources professionals - the tools they need to harness talent and leadership skills within a multi-generational workplace.

Continuing education credits are available for human resource professionals.

Registration is open, but quickly filling up. Contact Kelli Schueler for any questions regarding the event. Visit our events page to learn more and to register.