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October 17, 2016

Leveraging economic opportunities critical to healthy maritime industry

A healthy maritime and port industry requires Washington state to on capitalizing on job-creating projects and investments like Millennium Bulk Ter...
By: Bobbi Cussins   Comments: 0
October 12, 2016

Despite court challenge, U.S. DOL overtime rule takes effect Dec. 1

Don't get caught unprepared. Regardless of the highly-publicized court challenge, the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) new overtime exemption rule...
By: Bob Battles   Comments: 0
October 6, 2016

McCleary ruling confirms heavy lifting for 2017 Legislature

The state Supreme Court’s ruling today was status quo because it only served to reinforced what we already know – the heavy lifting on the two...
By: Amy K. Anderson   Comments: 0
October 5, 2016

Manufacturing Day highlights today's advanced manufacturing

This is not your father's factory. Today's advanced manufacturing lo...
By: Brian Mittge   Comments: 0
October 3, 2016

New ad: Fuel, energy cost increases in I-732 hurt families, small businesses

Trade in your Hummer for a Prius? That was the solution offered up by proponents of Initiative 732, the carbon tax that would immediately increase...
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September 27, 2016

October events highlight manufacturing, future workforce needs

Manufacturing is a cornerstone of Washington's economy, a great career path and home to new and innovative opportunities for the next generation of...
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September 23, 2016

State auditor candidates spar over qualifications at debate

Crediting the audience of business owners and leaders with the prosperity in the state, Sen. Mark Miloscia, one of two candidates for state auditor...
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September 22, 2016

Wildfires, school trust timber two topics of lands commissioner debate

Washington state's lands commissioner will oversee 1,800 employees, wildfire management on 13 million acres of forest and range land, school trust...
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September 21, 2016

What's in a story? Everything, say AWB's Grow Here campaign participants

What is it like to have your company's sustainability leadership highlighted in a statewide series of television commercials, billboards, even onli...
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September 20, 2016

Candidates for top schools chief talk educational outcomes, school funding

McCleary, levy reform, the state Supreme Court's $100,000 per day contempt fines and what to do about the educational equity gap were just a few of...
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