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December 1, 2016

L&I raises workers' comp rates despite employer concerns

Workers' compensation tax rates are going up again in 2017, Labor and Industries officials announced this week.The average increase to employers is...
By: Bob Battles   Comments: 0
November 28, 2016

Federal court temporarily blocks new U.S. DOL overtime rule

Employers gearing up to implement the new U.S. Department of Labor overtime rule Dec. 1 received a temporary reprieve. A federal judge in Texas iss...
By: Bob Battles   Comments: 0
November 11, 2016

Washington employers support, celebrate veterans

Veterans Day is an important moment to stop and recognize the contributions and sacrifices of America's men and women in uniform. AWB...
By: Brian Mittge   Comments: 0
November 9, 2016

AWB post-election analysis: Could 2017 Legislature be a 49-49 spit?

The nation's attention has been fixed on the presidential race, but Tuesday's election will have major implicat...
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October 28, 2016

Five employers receive AWB's Manufacturing Excellence Award

From the carbon fiber in BMW's electric cars to the laundry detergent on your supermarket shelf, Washington manufacturers make some of the finest p...
By: Bobbi Cussins   Comments: 0
October 17, 2016

Leveraging economic opportunities critical to healthy maritime industry

A healthy maritime and port industry requires Washington state to on capitalizing on job-creating projects and investments like Millennium Bulk Ter...
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October 12, 2016

Despite court challenge, U.S. DOL overtime rule takes effect Dec. 1

Don't get caught unprepared. Regardless of the highly-publicized court challenge, the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) new overtime exemption rule...
By: Bob Battles   Comments: 0
October 6, 2016

McCleary ruling confirms heavy lifting for 2017 Legislature

The state Supreme Court’s ruling today was status quo because it only served to reinforced what we already know – the heavy lifting on the two...
By: Amy K. Anderson   Comments: 0
October 5, 2016

Manufacturing Day highlights today's advanced manufacturing

This is not your father's factory. Today's advanced manufacturing lo...
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October 3, 2016

New ad: Fuel, energy cost increases in I-732 hurt families, small businesses

Trade in your Hummer for a Prius? That was the solution offered up by proponents of Initiative 732, the carbon tax that would immediately increase...
By: Bobbi Cussins   Comments: 0