June 6, 2016
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Top Stories

Ecology releases updated carbon cap rule, adding new costs to energy users, manufacturers

The state Department of Ecology released its newest version of a carbon cap rule last week. The impacts of higher energy and fuel costs for employers, consumers, and the economy are still being compiled.
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Millennium: AWB President Kris Johnson comments on need for predictable permitting process

From union workers to the Crow Tribe, advocates for the Millennium Bulk Terminals project spoke in favor of the export site last week during a public hearing in Pasco. AWB President Kris Johnson was among them, saying how the state handles the permitting for this project will send a message to other employers considering job-creating projects in this state.
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Election analysis: 'Handful of races could flip control of Legislature'

A Seattle Times reporter examines the ballot landscape and concludes that control of the Legislature could change hands in November.
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Worrisome news on unemployment

The United States saw only 38,000 new jobs created in May, while a half million discouraged workers dropped out of the job market altogether. This "near-standstill" of hiring is the latest worrisome trend in the national economy, with similar results in most of Washington. In nearly every region outside of the Seattle metro area, the recovery still hasn't arrived.
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Spring Meeting and lieutenant governor debate -- next week in Spokane!

With just a week to go, a few tickets remain avaiable for AWB's Spring Meeting June 14-15 in Spokane. Register now to guarantee your spot at the lieutenant governor candidate debate and hear from CNN news commentators John Avlon and Margaret Hoover about the national elections.
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Other News

New 2017 state budget wrinkle as court orders costly Medicare hepatitis C coverage for all Medicaid recipients

The state must cover a $95,000 hepatitis C treatment for all Medicaid clients, a federal judge ruled in a preliminary injunction late last month. About 28,000 people on Medicaid have the disease. The ruling adds another layer of difficulty to next year's budget negotiations.
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Tim Eyman gathering signatures for initiative targeting tolls and light rail expansion

Initiative promoter Tim Eyman released his latest initiative plan last week. The "We Love Our Cars" initiative would end tolling on Interstate 405 and State Route 167, putting into question the ability of Sound Transit to pay for expansion of light rail. Read more »

Auditor Troy Kelley faces retrial on fraud, theft charges

A month after a jury deadlocked on most charges against him, federal prosecutors announced last week that they would again seek conviction of state Auditor Troy Kelley on a number of fraud charges related to his mortgage processing company. Read more »

Walla Walla Community College hires VP of Green River College as new president

Derek Brandes will be the new president of Walla Walla Community College. Trustees voted unanimously last week to hire Brandes, vice president of Green River College in Auburn and a former dean of career and technical education at Columbia Basin College in Pasco.
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ACCE offering webinar on Department of Labor's new overtime/exempt employee rules

The Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives will answer questions about the Department of Labor's new overtime/exempt employee rules during a webinar next Tuesday and Wednesday.
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AWB Events & Resources

This week: Wage & hour webinar on 'Performance Evaluations, Disciplinary Action & Termination' Disciplinary Action & Termination

AWB's employment law series continues June 8 with a talk on how to handle performance evaluations, disciplinary action and termination.
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Register for 'Fundamentals of Succession and Estate Planning for Business Owners' in Spokane and Olympia

AWB and Integrity Financial Corporation are offering a pair of seminars in June and July, on both sides of the state, to help business owners with succession and estate planning. Kristofer Gray and Paul Hajek of IFC will lead the seminars, presenting options and offering insights on how to thoughtfully develop a plan to help your business and family thrive throughout the generations.
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CompWise Safety & Workers' Compensation Seminar: Hiring Practices & Safety Performance

Between the cost and damage of lost-time incidents and workers' compensation claims, it's crucial for employers to be up-to-date on ways to prevent injuries and respond effectively when they happen. AWB is proud to bring together state and national experts on June 29 in SeaTac for a hiring practices and safety seminar. Register here. Read more »

Deadline to nominate your company for an AWB award is June 30

AWB is expanding its tradition of recognizing employer excellence with a new focus for its 2016 awards. Nominations are now being accepted for the Manufacturing Excellence awards and the new Evening of Excellence for employers who are helping Washington achieve, connect, innovate and protect the environment. The deadline for applications is June 30.
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Time to RSVP for small business outreach tour's 10 June stops across state

After a great kickoff to our statewide small business tour, we're now taking RSVPs for our next 10 stops. We'll begin the second leg of our tour June 16 in Spokane and Colville, then criss-cross the state as we gather information to craft of our 2017 small business agenda.
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Dennis Miller to keynote Policy Summit with a comedic take on the election

As the 2016 election heats up, a little comic relief will help lighten the mood. Comedian, television personality and radio commentator Dennis Miller will bring a humorous take on politics to AWB's Policy Summit. Registrations are now open for the three-day Policy Summit, Sept. 13-15 at Suncadia Resort. Read more »

Join AWB for the third fly-in to Washington, D.C.

Meet with national leaders during AWB's D.C. fly-in Dec. 5-7. AWB's government affairs team will lead the trip to the nation's capitol, including congressional visits, meetings with federal agencies and the new administration. It will also include a Washington state grand reception, a candlelight tour of the Capitol and more. Read more »

AWB Institute

AWBI's Leadership Washington program accepting applications for next class through June 30

The AWB Institute is accepting nominations for the third class of Leadership Washington. This group of young business leaders will meet for the first time at the AWB Policy Summit Sept. 13-15. Download an application or learn more at the all-new AWB Institute website. Read more »

Tweet of the Week

State Exports Through Longview

They Said It

Refinery Jobs Help the Community

"That's a big deal here." ~ Stephanie Hamilton, director of the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce, discussing the very high 1:1 job multiplier ratio from workers at the Shell Puget Sound Refinery and Tesoro Anacortes Refinery. A recent study commissioned by the chamber found that for every one of the 217 refinery workers living on Hidalgo Island, an additional job was created. The next closest job multiplier on the island is marine trades; each boat building job on the island creates another 0.4 jobs.

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Managers and Employees Need Flexibility

The unintended consequences of scheduling reform

By Calvin Lyons, president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County

As an organization grounded in social justice, we oppose work environments that create unnecessary hardships for working families and their children. Bringing attention to exploitive workplace conditions should be a priority of every American.

But, we encourage reading the fine print...

If managers are limited in the amount of flexibility they can provide, and if part-time employment is reduced, Seattle's young men and women will suffer. Fewer flexible part-time-employment opportunities mean fewer people would find their all-important first job that provides immediate income and a chance to pursue greater dreams...

Not everyone can work at Amazon.com, nor wants to -- so it's critically important to have other industries providing a range of job opportunities... Yet these companies are under pressure.

Click here to read the full op-ed in The Seattle Times
Where Do the Justices Stand?

Supreme Court justices draw strong challengers -- that's a good thing

By Rob McKenna

One of the most heartening developments of candidate filing week was that all three state Supreme Court justices on the ballot this year received worthy challengers. This is healthy. The court has made some consequential decisions in recent years. Only through a vigorous campaign will those decisions receive the attention and debate they deserve.

By some observers' figuring (admittedly it's a pretty small crowd that closely follows the state Supreme Court), the court has lost its way. With little philosophical diversity and not much geographic spread, the court has seemed bereft of balancing perspectives in recent years...

Competition is a good thing. Vigorous challenges from strong candidates help voters and the court. It will force the kind of discussions that voters benefit from, and it will improve the court by sharpening and clarifying the justices' and potential justices' minds.

Click here to read the full column in Smarter Government Washington
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