April 18, 2016
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Top Stories

Inslee throws budget out of balance with line-item veto

Gov. Jay Inslee used his line-item veto today to eliminate parts of the state's balanced budget, putting the state more than $200 million out of balance over the next four years. The changes will make next year's budget debate even more difficult, and are a blow against Washington's progressive four-year balanced budget law.
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Just announced! New AWB 'Shout Out, Small Business' meetings coming to your community in May and June

Small businesses are the heart of AWB -- 92 percent of AWB members have fewer than 100 employees. As we prepare for the 2017 legislative session, AWB needs your help to create a small business agenda to ensure that the needs and perspectives of the state's powerhouse -- small employers -- is fully represented in Olympia. Join us in May and June at our "Shout Out, Small Business" meetings throughout the state to help shape AWB's small business agenda.
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Annual report highlights how AWB is helping Washington prosper

The new AWB Annual Report is as much a look forward as it is a review of 2015. The AWB's all-new Annual Report is built around AWB's five new strategies: Achieve, Connect, Employ, Compete and Place. Copies of the report were mailed out to members last week, and the full report is also available online.
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Spring edition of Washington Business magazine is on its way

Watch your mailbox for the latest edition of AWB's Washington Business magazine, which focuses on the state's high-tech economy -- and how it stretches from the skyscrapers of Seattle to every corner of the state. We also take a look at training for cybersecurity and diesel technology in community colleges, education reform in the K-12 system and much more. Read the full edition online for free! Read more »

AWB accepting nominations for state's most innovative employers

AWB is expanding its tradition of recognizing employer excellence with a new focus for its 2016 awards. Nominations are now being accepted for the Manufacturing Excellence awards and the new Evening of Excellence for employers who are helping Washington achieve, connect, innovate and protect the environment. Read more »

Key Hearings/Meetings

Tax & Fiscal Policy Council to meet April 26

The AWB Tax & Fiscal Policy Council will meet from 9:30 a.m.-noon on Tuesday, April 26, at AWB. The agenda will include a session recap and a discussion of interim Citizen Commission on Tax Preferences activities. Contact Government Affairs Director Eric Lohnes for more on the agenda, and Connie Grande for RSVP and call-in information.

Priority Legislation

SB 6195: Education Funding Joint Task Force to meet Wednesday

As the Legislature looks toward the major education funding work ahead in 2017, the Education Funding Joint Task Force will meet this week to look over the requirements of this year's education funding bill, SB 6195.
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Other News

Washington's public charter school system gets back to work

The Washington State Charter School Commission is getting back up to speed. The board, which was reauthorized in this year's bipartisan charter school legislation, held a virtual meeting last week to set requirements and deadlines for approving charter school contracts for next year.
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Election update: More candidates announce campaigns for statewide and legislative races

The campaign season continues to heat up as new candidates announced races for the Senate, House and statewide elected positions.
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Worker deaths in Washington drop to near-historic low in 2015

Workplace deaths are declining in Washington, and last year saw one of the lowest worker fatality rates on record. While there is more work to be done, especially around issues of falls, it's a sign that cooperation between employers and employees can deliver a safer workplace for all.
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Four AWB members listed as Corporate Champions for Philanthropy

The Puget Sound Business Journal has released its list of Corporate Champions for Philanthropy, and four of the winners are AWB members. Congratulations to The Boeing Co., Expedia, Brown Bear Car Wash and MCM for "embodying the definition of top corporate citizens.
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Amazon offering a building to house more than 200 homeless

Amazon.com is offering the use of a building it owns as a temporary refuge for homeless families. The building, a former Travelodge hotel and college dormitory that Amazon acquired as part of its new corporate campus, will house more than 200 people for a year. It's part of the business community's response to Mayor Ed Murray's recent declaration of a housing emergency in Seattle. Read more »

Federal amendment introduced to prevent hefty taxes on craft beer, wine and beverages

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray joined other lawmakers last week in introducing an amendment that would cut the tax burden on small craft breweries.
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Washington Women in Trades to host career fair on May 6 in Seattle

Learn about the many opportunities for women in construction, trades and apprenticeships at the 37th annual Women in Trades Career Fair on May 6 at the Fisher Pavilion at the Seattle Center. Vigor Industrial is helping present this free event. Read more »

AWB Events & Resources

ADA Reasonable Accommodations -- Best Practices for Employers to Avoid Liability

Learn how to navigate the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act during a May 5 seminar in Seattle with Selena Smith, an employment law attorney and partner with David Grimm Payne & Marra. Register online today!
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Employment Law Webinar Session Three: Wage & Hours

AWB's employment law series continues May 11 with a look at wage and hour issues with Mona McPHee, the director of litigation at Desh International and Business Law. Learn how to minimize costs while complying with complex wage and hour laws -- and earn HR continuing ed credits, all from your desk with this webinar. Register online today!
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Don't lose out on a seat at the table for the 2016 AWB Spring Meeting

Hear directly from top statewide candidates and hear the latest insights on the national campaign from two popular CNN news commentators, plus much more at the AWB Spring Meeting in Spokane. The husband-and-wife team of John Avlon, a staunch political independent, and Margaret Hoover, a proud Republican, will take a wide-ranging look at the 2016 election. Register today for what is sure to be a sold-out event!
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Registrations open for 'Fundamentals of Succession and Estate Planning for Business Owners' in Spokane and Olympia

AWB and Integrity Financial Corporation are offering a pair of seminars in June and July, on both sides of the state, to help business owners with succession and estate planning. Kristofer Gray and Paul Hajek of IFC will lead the seminars, presenting options and offering insights on how to thoughtfully develop a plan to help your business and family thrive throughout the generations.
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AWB Institute

Employers sought to host internships for community college STEM students

The AWB Institute is looking for employers to provide internships for community college students through Washington MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement). This is a great way to support the workforce of the future -- and connect with valuable potential future employees whose 21st century skills are in demand.
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Nominate young employer-leaders to grow through AWB's Leadership Washington program

The AWB Institute is accepting nominations for the third class of Leadership Washington. This group of young business leaders will meet for the first time at the AWB Policy Summit Sept. 13-15. Download an application or learn more at the all-new AWB Institute website. Read more »

Tweet of the Week

Support for Manufacturing

They Said It

Legislature Earns a C-

"The bar was set low, and the Legislature didn't get over it."
~ An unnamed lobbyist, expressing the general sentiment about the lack of accomplishment in this year's legislative session, which still managed to go into overtime before agreeing on tweaks to the two-year budget approved in 2015. Lobbyists were surveyed for an annual grading of the Legislature, Lawmakers earned a C-.

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Support Redevelopment to Create Jobs

Remove the barriers to prosperity

By Lee Newgent, Washington State Building & Construction Trades Council AFL-CIO; Larry Brown, Aerospace Machinists Union District Lodge 751; and Vince O'Halloran, Sailors' Union of the Pacific

Communities across our state are being rocked by the loss of jobs from closures of viable industry and manufacturing -- such as the Alcoa plant in Wenatchee. At the same time, we are facing extreme resistance to use or repurpose sites that have been closed, symptomatic of a growing and devastating "deindustrialization" sentiment. Examples include opposition to the proposal to use a former Alcoa plant for the Millennium Bulk Terminals project in Longview, and the proposal in Tacoma -- now on hold -- to convert a former aluminum smelter into a methanol refinery.

It's no secret that our regulatory process is broken. It has become so protracted and unpredictable that we are sending potential investors the unmistakable message that Washington is an inhospitable place to launch new industrial, energy and transportation facilities.

Each of these issues can and must be addressed immediately by state leaders.

Click here to read the full op-ed in The Wenatchee World
Sensible Savings

Even uncommon voices can find common ground on energy efficiency

By Ross Eisenberg of the National Association of Manufacturers and Kit Kennedy of the Natural Resources Defense Council

Washington, D.C., has earned a reputation in recent years as a city plagued by hyper-partisan gridlock. Yet our two organizations -- which often disagree -- have found common ground on energy efficiency. It's instructive to look at why both the National Association of Manufacturers and the Natural Resources Defense Council both support it.

It's simple, really: by building better buildings, making more innovative products, and using creative manufacturing processes, we can accomplish multiple goals -- reducing wasted resources, improving our electricity system, preventing more toxic pollution, reducing climate change, and fueling economic growth. Many new, innovative energy efficiency products and technologies are made right here by American manufacturers, creating jobs and economic growth across the nation.

Candidates aren't banging their fists on the lectern about energy efficiency. There are no big-budget commercials or fiery debates on TV. But that's not because the issue isn't important. Buildings consume approximately 40 percent of all the energy used in the United States. Improving energy efficiency of our buildings, and of the appliances and equipment inside them, is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve the environment, save money, combat global climate change, and stoke our economy...

Click here to read the full op-ed in The Hill
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