November 9, 2015
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Election results: Wins for employers in Spokane, 30th Legislative District

Last week's general election saw Republicans close the gap in the state House, bringing the balance of power to 50-48. Tacoma voters approved a $12 minimum wage -- a compromise level supported by the local chamber. Spokane voters roundly rejected a new slate of regulations on employers. Tuesday's general election saw a number of positive outcomes for the employer community, as well as a few less favorable outcomes. Read more »

It's Time! Join leading manufacturers this Thursday in SeaTac at AWB's 2015 Manufacturing Summit

From drones to 3D printers, high-tech concussion-detecting mouth guards to brewed-in-Washington hard cider, this Thursday's Manufacturing Summit will have something for everyone. There are still seats available for the event, which takes place at the Crowne Plaza in SeaTac. Read more »

Federal long-term highway funding bill approved in U.S. House, includes Ex-Im Bank reauthorization

The U.S. House on Thursday approved a multiyear transportation funding bill that would also renew the Export-Import Bank, increasing the odds that the measure would be signed into law, The Wall Street Journal reports. But, the debate on both federal transportation funding and reauthorizing the bank is far from finished. Read more »

Legislative Review now available online; print version will be in your mailbox shortly

AWB's annual Legislative Review is online and has been mailed to all lawmakers and AWB members. The 52-page magazine looks at bills important to employers and the state's competitiveness. It also includes AWB's annual rankings of lawmakers based on their votes on key business issues.
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Public charter schools group, lawmakers file motions asking court to reconsider September ruling

Two motions were filed earlier this month -- one from local charter association leaders, the other from 10 state lawmakers -- asking the state Supreme Court to reconsider its 6-3 ruling that charter schools are unconstitutional. Four former attorneys general also filed a "friend of the court" brief, lending their support to charter schools. Read more »

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Children Need Options

Parent Perspective: Making A Non-Political Case For Charter Schools

By Linda Sikora

I know there are funding issues and administration issues and legislative issues and union issues... all the "yeah buts" that people stake their positions on so vehemently. Here's my "yeah but" -- I wish we could channel that passion differently, I wish the "opposed" people could have the experience I had today... to see a child's eyes light up and watch her confidence emerge. It was one of those soft, seminal moments in my life. In that moment, I knew this child's life, her trajectory, could completely change. Sometimes, the biggest changes start small -- one child at a time, one school at a time. We can figure this out, people.

Please don't close these schools.

Click here to read the full blog post via the Washington State Charter School Association
Reauthorize Ex-Im Bank

Businesses Languishing Without Ex-Im Bank; Congress, Reauthorize It

By The Seattle Times editorial Board

Hilliard's Beer is gaining popularity in Sweden, where the Seattle-based brewery planned to expand sales this year. It has also received interest from distributors in Toronto and London.

Those opportunities are now on hold since Congress failed to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank last summer.

Elected leaders must end the ideological battle over Ex-Im and revive this vital tool for U.S. companies to grow exports overseas.

Hilliard's Beer is one of hundreds of exporters that used Ex-Im to secure loan guarantees and credit insurance for international sales. The shutdown has resulted in more than $9 billion worth of deals lost, said U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash.

A lot more is at stake -- last year the bank completed $27.4 billion in transactions and supported 164,000 U.S. jobs.

Click here to read the full editorial in The Seattle Times
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