May 26, 2015
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Top Stories

Will additional $415 million help budget writers agree?

In addition to the nearly $3 billion in tax collection growth, last week's forecast revealed that Washington will collect $415 million more in tax revenue than expected, plus another $100 million from the federal government. While this has changed the discussion in Olympia, the overall deadlock in negotiations continues. Read more »

Work on transportation package continues in Legislature as national study emphasizes need

Washington's roadways, from cities to the countryside, are deteriorating, according to new national rankings. It's more evidence of the need for a statewide transportation investment package.
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Trade Promotion Authority and Ex-Im Bank move forward in Congress

Washington's economy thrives on global trade, and two important pieces of federal trade legislation are moving forward together after some deals in the Senate allowed passage of a key test vote. Read more »

Key Hearings/Meetings

AWB Health Care Committee meeting scheduled for this Wednesday

The AWB Health Care Committee will meet this Wednesday, May 27, 1-2 p.m., at AWB. Contact Sheri Nelson to learn more.

All three 9th District candidates will attend June 18 AWB candidate interviews in Pasco

AWB will interview the three candidates for the open House seat in the 9th Legislative District during a June 18 meeting at the Pasco Chamber of Commerce. All AWB members from the district are invited to attend.

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Other News

Washington's unemployment rate falls to 5.5 percent, but rural areas still struggling

The state's jobless rate is at the best rate since the summer of 2008, before the Great Recession. The majority of the growth is concentrated in the central Puget Sound. Much of the state continues to see troublesome levels of unemployment. Read more »

Wyoming governor makes personal appeals to Inslee for export facilities

While Gov. Jay Inslee signed a non-binding agreement to reduce Washington's carbon emissions by 80-95 percent, Wyoming's governor visited to say that his state depends on construction of export terminals in Washington. Read more »

West Coast port dispute officially ends as union, port operators sign contract

West Cost exports have been flowing since port operators and longshore workers struck a deal in February, and now both sides have formally approved the contract. The five-year deal is retroactive to last July 1, the date the previous contract officially ended, meaning the contract will be up in 2019. Read more »

Inslee appoints new head of Department of Agriculture

Derek Sandison will begin serving as Washington's secretary of agriculture on June 15. He is currently the director of the Wenatchee-based Office of Columbia River in the Washington State Department of Ecology.
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AWB Events & Resources

Rescheduled: Public charter schools webinar to be held this Wednesday

Learn more about public charter schools in Washington this Wednesday in a webinar with Thomas Franta, CEO of the Washington Charter Schools Association. Read more »

LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER: Labor law update on franchises, handbook policies, one-day strikes and ambush elections

Labor law expert Gregory Hendershott will discuss the latest at this Thursday's NLRB conference in Seattle. Don't miss it! Register today.

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AWB forklift safety and training seminar set for June 8

Don't let forklifts become a hazard in your workplace. AWB's forklift safety seminar June 8 will help keep your employees and workplace safe.

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"Our job is to inspire the women behind us who are just starting to be attracted to this incredible industry of ours." ~ Nicole Piasecki, Boeing Commercial Airplanes vice president and general manager of propulsion, said as she highlighted female leaders at Boeing 737 handoff to United Airlines May 20.

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For 80 years the Ex-Im Bank has kept our country influential abroad and prosperous at home

By Gen. James L. Jones, U.S. Marine Corps (retired)

Since its founding during America's effort to emerge from the Great Depression, the Ex-Im bank has supported American jobs by financing our exports when credit is not commercially available or when U.S. companies face undue competition in foreign markets from competitors provided financing by their governments. It levels the playing field for American businesses so they can compete in foreign markets against foreign competitors.

Many opponents of reauthorization base their arguments on a world that doesn't exist, where markets are untrammeled by state-supported export finance. The reality is that throughout the world approximately 60 export credit agencies are jockeying to offer enticing financing terms with a view to winning more and more sales for the companies domiciled in their respective nations, often at our expense. ...
Click here to read the full column in USA Today

Without road-and-transit bill, slow-motion derailment

By The News Tribune

Infrastructure is a famously unsexy subject. No one's interested in trestles, railroad ties, bridge decks and the like. Until something breaks.

Train crashes and bridge collapses are only the most visible symptoms of infrastructure failure. More subtle is the creeping obsolescence of highway and rail systems in the face of growing populations and changing needs.
Click here to read the full editorial in The News Tribune
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