April 26, 2019
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Tell Lawmakers to Tap the Brakes on Spending

The House Appropriations Committee passed House Bill 2158 late Thursday. If approved by the full Legislature, this will significantly raise B&O taxes for service businesses in Washington.

Now is the time to contact state legislators and remind them the state budget can be balanced without major tax increases on doctors, medical clinics, accountants and other small businesses that provide critical services and jobs in every county. The state has $5.6 billion more for the next budget, without a tax increase.

Please share this message with your chambers today, and encourage them to email their lawmakers. AWB shared this message with all members earlier today.

Please use AWB's letter writing tool below, which is an easy way for people to find and contact their legislators.

Click here to contact state representatives.

Click here to contact state senators.

If you're active on Facebook, you can also share the Action Alert on your page. Just copy and paste this link into a post:


Tell Lawmakers Washington Can't Afford California-style Gas Prices

Earlier today, the Senate Ways & Means Committee held a public hearing on an amendment offered by Sen. Guy Palumbo that was intended to implement a Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and multi-billion-dollar transportation revenue package.

Sen. Palumbo's amendment to SB 5971 came in the waning days of the 105-day legislative session, which is scheduled to adjourn Sunday, and introduces a new transportation package that has not been heard by the Senate Transportation Committee. In addition to the LCFS, it includes a 5-cent gas tax.

AWB opposes a Low-Carbon Fuel Standard because of the extraordinary increases in fuel prices it has led to in states that have implemented one.

In California, the LCFS has increased the cost of gasoline by 16 cents per gallon and the cost of diesel fuel by 16.6 cents per gallon. These numbers will continue to rise as implementation of the LCFS continues. By 2030, the state estimates it will ultimately raise the cost of gasoline by 46 cents per gallon and the cost of diesel by 50 cents per gallon.

Please contact your legislators now and tell them you oppose Sen. Palumbo's costly, last-ditch LCFS proposal. We can't afford California-style gas prices in Washington state.

Click here to contact your representatives.

Click here to contact your senator.

Thank you.

Stronger Connections

Thanks to all of the Grassroots partners who have hosted AWB President Kris Johnson so far this year. The Grassroots Alliance is stronger thanks to the many partners that have asked AWB leaders to speak in person and share the vision of statewide prosperity.

Just this week, Kris spoke with the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce. Other Grassroots Alliance partners he's visited this year include the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce, the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Alliance of Snohomish County.

The leaders from each of these organizations should be acknowledged for reaching out and creating new connections. The AWB staff is here to serve. Please don't hesitate to call and request an update from Kris, Vice President for Government Affairs Gary Chandler, or any of the issue experts from the government affairs team. AWB tracks the latest in statewide transportation policy, taxes, healthcare, employment law and more. Contact Bonnie Millikan at 360.943.1600 to request a presentation.


Spring Meeting

Registration is still open for AWB's Spring Meeting, which will feature the latest updates on many of the issues that impact Washington employers, from transportation, the economy and the 2019 legislative session. Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (2017-19), is this year's dinner keynote.

Registration has been strong so far, and the Davenport Grand Hotel is sold out. But there's still plenty of room for more participants in this year's event, and at the nearby Davenport Tower hotel. Contact Jacob Sodeman at 360.943.1600 for more information.

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No Need for New Taxes

Legislators need to tap the brakes on spending


In the decade since the Great Recession, Washington has enjoyed extraordinary prosperity. The state budget clearly reflects that surge. Spending grew 44 percent in a decade, fueled by record-setting growth in tax collections. It continues, even now, in this era of heightened global uncertainty.

The latest state forecast estimates revenues will grow nearly 10 percent from the current biennium through 2019-2021, reaching $50.6 billion. That means lawmakers will have $5.6 billion more in revenues in the next two-year budget than in the one they wrote one year ago.

Read the full column in the Tri-City Herald.