February 18, 2019
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Longtime restaurant employee highlights the harm of 'secure scheduling' proposals

Simone Barron, co-founder of the Full Service Workers Alliance, writes in a Seattle Times guest column that legislative "secure scheduling" rules would restrict the freedom and flexibility that she loves about her career. Her column is titled "Save restaurant workers from restrictive scheduling practices." Barron also was part of a recent AWB News report on restrictive scheduling bills.

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GOP leaders speak at Lobby Lunch

Republican leaders from the House and Senate spoke at AWB's third Lobby Lunch of the year. They applauded the salon owners and independent stylists who have taken Olympia by storm this session, saying their energy in fighting independent contractor and regulation bills is an example of citizens in action. This week, Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal speaks at Lobby Lunch.

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Amazon announces it will not build HQ2 in New York, but the jobs won't come to Seattle

Big news broke last week as Amazon announced it has canceled its plans for a second headquarters in New York. During that same announcement, the company said it would curtail its Seattle expansion in the coming years.

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Economic update: Record number of open jobs mixed with signs of economic uncertainty raise concerns

The U.S. Department of Labor last week sent out a word of warning as the number of available jobs in America exceeded American workers in 2018. That news comes just as Opportunity Washington highlights the disappointing holiday sales and uptick in unemployment rate, which they conclude should be a warning flag for Washington state lawmakers to save for a rainy day and take caution in dampening job creation and investment.

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Bill introduced to ban head taxes

After Seattle decided to put a tax on jobs, then reversed course, there is an effort in Olympia to put a statewide ban on employee head taxes. The measure, sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Mark Schoesler of Ritzville, would help prevent the message that Washington is not a good place to do business.

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LDHC Wrap-Up
Career-Connected Learning Works

How do you get there from here? Career Connect Washington

By Avista CEO Scott Morris and IBEW Local 77 Assistant Business Manager Mike Brown

It's sometimes hard to remember how hard the "What do you want to be when you grow up?" question is. The follow-up question is even harder: "How are you going to get there?"

We know that young people don't always have the answers, but they are curious and eager to explore their options. They want to learn about different careers and what mix of experience and classroom learning is needed to do those jobs. They are excited about their next steps, but also cautious about challenges like educational debt...

"Career-connected learning" is a broad term for programs that help students explore, prepare and start their careers. It helps kids get out of the classroom and try on different jobs and different industries, so when it's time to make big life decisions, they are better prepared to step up...

Career Connect Washington is a coalition of employers, unions, educators, state agencies and others who are trying to ensure that all students in the state have the chance to do career-connected learning.

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