February 18, 2019
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SB 5717 and HB 1491: Restrictive scheduling

Senate Bill 5717 was heard last Friday in the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee. AWB opposes this bill and its House companion, House Bill 1155. These "secure scheduling" bills would be more restrictive than the Seattle ordinance. The bills would require employers to provide schedules two weeks in advance. If they are changed, penalties could be assessed. The bills restrict employers and employees from negotiating changes to schedules with short notice and restrict the flexibility of employees to change their schedule to accommodate unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Contact AWB's Bob Battles to learn more, or read this update from Olympia Business Watch.

HB 1110 and HB 5412: Low-carbon fuel standards

A Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) bill is scheduled for a public hearing Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in the House Appropriations Committee after passing out of the House Transportation Committee last week. AWB's Mike Ennis has testified about the impact low-carbon fuel standards are having on fuel prices in California. Those LCFS rules have increased the cost of traditional fuel by 13.3 cents per gallon and have increased diesel fuel costs by 9.5 cents per gallon, according to the California Energy Commission -- and that program is only at 50 percent implementation. The costs are expected to increase as the program ramps up to 100 percent. House Bill 1110 would implement similar standards in Washington. Opportunity Washington has more on the LCFS bill. Contact Ennis to learn more.

SB 5489 and HB 2009: Environmental justice

AWB testified last week against Senate Bill 5489, and House Bill 2009, so-called "environmental justice" bills that would subvert the legislative process. The bills would require state agencies to establish a task force to recommend social justice measures in the state permitting process and then require state agencies to implement those recommendations. This is a far-reaching bill which bypasses the normal legislative review process for new rules. Contact AWB's Mike Ennis or Peter Godlewski to learn more.

SB 5513 and HB 1515: Independent contractors

Senate Bill 5513 and House Bill HB 1515 would substantially change the independent contractor law in Washington. Most individuals who are currently considered independent contractors would no longer be independent contractors. A proposed substitute bill is expected. The bill would create a task force with equal labor and business representatives as well as legislators from each caucus. If there are no changes to the bills as currently written, AWB will continue to oppose them. Contact Bob Battles to learn more, or watch his Senate testimony on SB 5513 on TVW.

SB 5116, HB 1211 and HB 1226: 100 percent clean energy

All three bills pushing for 100 percent clean energy (Senate Bill 5116 and House bills 1211 and 1226) received fiscal hearings last week at which AWB testified. All three bills are expected to be voted out of the House Finance and Senate Ways & Means committees this week before the Friday policy cutoff. Contact AWB's Peter Godlewski to learn more.

HB 1891 and SB 5803: Career and technical education

AWB was disappointed that House Bill 1891, concerning the use of career and technical education resources, which AWB supports, was not heard last week, even though a hearing was scheduled. The bill would provide dedicated funds for career and technical education. A similar bill, Senate Bill 5803, is scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday in the Senate Early Learning & K-12 committee. Contact AWB's Amy Anderson to learn more.

SB 5693: Creating transparency in agricultural supply chains

Senate Bill 5693 aims to eradicate slavery and human trafficking -- worthwhile goals, but the bills would create widespread reporting requirements in supply chains that could have broad effects on retailers, which are far from agricultural production, if any part of the supply chain has a wage dispute. A hearing was held last week in the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee. AWB opposes the bill as written. Contact Bob Battles to learn more.

HB 1738: Relieving burdens on small businesses by updating the tax return filing thresholds to reflect inflation

AWB's Clay Hill will testify in support of House Bill 1738 during a House Finance Committee hearing on Tuesday. The bill helps small businesses by updating the tax return filing thresholds to reflect inflation. The current filing threshold hasn't been updated in 30 years. Contact Hill to learn more.

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Career-Connected Learning Works

How do you get there from here? Career Connect Washington

By Avista CEO Scott Morris and IBEW Local 77 Assistant Business Manager Mike Brown

It's sometimes hard to remember how hard the "What do you want to be when you grow up?" question is. The follow-up question is even harder: "How are you going to get there?"

We know that young people don't always have the answers, but they are curious and eager to explore their options. They want to learn about different careers and what mix of experience and classroom learning is needed to do those jobs. They are excited about their next steps, but also cautious about challenges like educational debt...

"Career-connected learning" is a broad term for programs that help students explore, prepare and start their careers. It helps kids get out of the classroom and try on different jobs and different industries, so when it's time to make big life decisions, they are better prepared to step up...

Career Connect Washington is a coalition of employers, unions, educators, state agencies and others who are trying to ensure that all students in the state have the chance to do career-connected learning.

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