February 4, 2019
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New report highlights impact of marine cargo in Washington

With an average annual wage of $95,000 and directly supporting $5.9 billion in business output, the marine cargo sector has an incredibly positive impact in Washington, according to a new report from the Northwest Seaport Alliance.

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Former Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown named to head Department of Commerce

Gov. Jay Inslee has named Lisa Brown to head the Washington Department of Commerce, filling the position most recently held by Brian Bonlender. Brown has served as chancellor of the Washington State University campus in Spokane and was a longtime leader in the state Legislature.

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Senate votes to move Washington's presidential primary forward to March

Washington voters would have a more influential say in the presidential primary under a proposal that has passed the state Senate.

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Civil engineers give Washington a 'C' grade on infrastructure

Washington's roads, bridges, dams, water, sewers and other infrastructure are average at best. That's the assessment of the American Society of Civil Engineers, which released its latest report card last week.

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Rep. Bill Jenkin recovering after heart attack

Mid-Columbia Rep. Bill Jenkin, R-Prosser, will miss some of the 2019 session after suffering a heart attack late last month. He is recovering after quadruple bypass surgery.

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AWB seeking employers to be surveyed on cumulative effects of state regulatory and tax policies

The Washington Research Council is looking for businesses willing to be interviewed by email about the cumulative impact of recent state regulatory or tax policies on their business. All information will be published anonymously in the final report. Anyone interested in being part of the survey or wanting to learn more can contact Clay Hill, AWB government affairs director for tax and fiscal policy.

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Bridging the divide between Washington state and D.C.

By AWB President Kris Johnson

On a map, the distance from our Washington to the "other" Washington looks so far away. But, policies being made and debated there hit us here in Washington state.

Take trade policies, for example.

As one of the most trade-driven states in the nation, what happens with trade agreements has a direct impact on Washington state's economy.

A recent report found that Washington farmers and other export-dependent producers saw their foreign sales drop by as much as 28 percent during the six months after the United States began imposing tariffs on trading partners.

That's one reason why the Association of Washington Business and its members have become more engaged than ever on the national front. In fact, AWB staff and 25 business owners and leaders recently returned from the association's fifth D.C. Fly-in...

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Hydropower Is Crucial

The Snake River dams fill a power gap. Lawmakers need to know that

By The Tri-City Herald Editorial Board

Saying we don't need the four lower Snake River dams because they generate just a small percentage of the region's electricity is a bit like saying the Seattle Mariners don't need relief pitchers who are in the game for only an inning or two.

The dams, like a closing pitcher, are needed for their reliability and to fill in during critical times.

As lawmakers consider Gov. Jay Inslee's proposal to make Washington 100 percent carbon free, we hope they grasp the role hydropower plays in providing clean, renewable, low-cost power to the region

We also hope they come to understand the essential role the Snake River dams play in the power-generating system...

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