November 24, 2014
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State budget outlook: Revenues increase but I-1351 adds billions to predicted shortfall

According to the governor's office, the Legislature is facing a $2 billion budget hole next year just to meet the costs of I-1351. That's in addition to more than $1 billion needed to meet the McCleary Supreme Court case obligation. Already factored into the governor's budget are state union worker a pay raises, which puts added pressure on the state budget. Meanwhile, state tax revenues are projected to increase -- but so are costs for case management and higher school enrollment. Read more »

State health insurance exchange snafus prompt lawmaker's question: 'Who's getting fired?'

With an increasing cascade of problems being reported at the Washington health insurance exchange, one lawmaker at last week's meeting asked, "Who's getting fired?"

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Exports of hay, Christmas trees hurt by continued port work slowdown

As a longshore labor dispute grinds on, perishable Washington-grown crops are languishing at Seattle and Tacoma ports. Read more »

Obama announces immigration plan to halt deportations for five million

Congressional Republicans called Obama’s unilateral action a violation and affront to the Constitution’s separation of powers.
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Senate Republicans voice concerns over carbon reduction report

A report issued last week by Gov. Jay Inslee’s carbon reduction task force didn’t include input from industries the proposals would hit the hardest, especially trucking and energy, senators said last week. Read more »

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Actually, AWB supports tax incentive review

A recent commentary on policies addressing business tax incentives took out of context comments made by one of our local representatives on tax and fiscal policy, Ron Bueing.

AWB has been clear over the years; we firmly believe tax incentives should be fully and thoughtfully reviewed on a set timeline to ensure they are serving the purposes for which they were approved by the Legislature and signed into law by the governor.

And, it should also be noted there is bipartisan agreement in the Legislature that supports our position.

READ MORE: Click here for the full blog post at Olympia Business Watch
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