June 18, 2018
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A dizzying week as Seattle City Council reverses head tax, but lawsuit over process prompts repeal referendum to move forward

The Seattle City Council made an abrupt about-face last Tuesday, voting 7-2 to repeal the tax on jobs that its members had unanimously approved less than a month before. Opponents of the tax still are submitting their overwhelming number of repeal referendum signatures, however, since a lawsuit over the council's open meetings process leaves the issue a bit cloudy.

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Alaffia honored for 'breaking the mold,' co-founder and CEO chosen to fill key trade committee appointment

It was a big week for Alaffia, the Tumwater-based fair-trade manufacturer of skin- and body-care products. The company's co-founder and CEO, Olowo-n'djo Tchala, was honored with an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award Friday, an award he dedicated to his mother. Earlier in the week, it was announced that Tchala was appointed by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to serve a four-year term as a member of the U.S. Trade Advisory Committee on Africa.

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Washington opens new Center of Excellence in Unmanned and Autonomous Systems

Washington's 11th Center of Excellence has opened, with this one focusing on Unmanned and Autonomous Systems. It's another workforce and economic development link between the state's community and technical college system and Washington's employers.

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Push is on to transform schools and workforce development

Two new reports and a call from the state Superintendent of Public Instruction are highlighting the need -- and opportunities -- for workforce development. Effective, targeted and industry-connected training will best serve employers, young people and their communities, the reports find.

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Just two weeks left to apply for AWB's Manufacturing Excellence and Evening of Excellence Awards

The deadline is approaching quickly. Take a few minutes now to nominate your company, or a business you admire, for AWB's annual Evening of Excellence and Manufacturing Excellence Awards. Learn more here, and be sure to nominate by June 30.

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Time for a Real Plan

Lots of blame for Seattle's head-tax debacle. Except where it belongs.

By Danny Westneat, columnist for The Seattle Times

The City Council implicitly acknowledged its head-tax plan was a loser when members voted to repeal it. But they couldn't admit it, instead blaming about everyone else in Seattle for the fail. Including you...

Council members alarmingly showered one another with praise Tuesday, saying the head tax was their best effort and it would be hard to top.

For starters, I would humbly suggest turning what you just did upside down. Come up with a detailed plan to help the homeless. Get buy-in on that, and then ask for money. That formula has a strong track record with voters in this city.

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Over the Line

Supreme Court must clarify culvert ruling

By The Seattle Times editorial board

Attorney General Bob Ferguson was right to challenge a far-reaching federal ruling that forces Washington state to spend nearly $2 billion replacing culverts. Much more than culverts is at stake.

The state should not waste a fortune replacing culverts on streams that don't support fish, because they are blocked by other obstructions.

More important is the legal precedent that will be set if the ruling stands. It would establish new tribal authority: If tribes can demand culvert removal on nontribal land, they could follow up with lawsuits demanding the removal of dams or cessation of farming and development activities...

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