November 6, 2017
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Seattle looks at $100 per-employee tax to pay for homeless relief, but interim mayor opposes

As Seattle looks for money to combat homelessness, one option being discussed as a per-employee "head tax." Seattle's interim mayor opposes the measure.

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As most U.S. states eliminate the estate tax, Washington's high rate is an outlier

States across the country are eliminating their estate and inheritance taxes. Meanwhile, Washington's 20 percent estate tax remains the highest in the nation.

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Gov. Inslee appoints Susan Birch to lead Health Care Authority

Susan Birch, the executive director of the Colorado Department of Health Policy and Financing, will take over as head of the Washington Health Care Authority on Jan. 1.

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SBA seeks nominations for Washington's Small Business Person of the Year

Nominations are open for the 2018 Small Business Week awards. The awards are presented by the U.S. Small Business Administration to employers "that have gone above and beyond their responsibilities, shaped the community and driven the economy."

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Manufacturing is huge in Washington. Let's celebrate -- and invest in it

By Kate Lampson and Kris Johnson

Manufacturing has a long history in Washington and it has a great story to tell: In Benton County, careers in manufacturing pay an average annual wage of $55,701, $50,575 in Walla Walla County and almost $41,000 in Franklin County. Not bad for jobs that often require no more than a trade certificate or a two-year degree. It also has a multiplier of three -- for every one job created in manufacturing, another three jobs are created elsewhere.

That's a good return on investment, but the sector faces some headwinds.

As manufacturing comes on a national resurgence, Washington's sector has lost about 48,000 jobs since 2000 -- the vast majority of which are non-aerospace jobs.

Clearly, more can be done to support good-paying manufacturing jobs here and across the state.

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