July 7, 2014
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Top Stories

Forward Seattle delivers signatures to bring $15 minimum wage up for public vote

A small business group in Seattle has delivered signatures for a referendum to bring Seattle's $15 minimum wage up for a vote this fall. The signatures haven't even been counted, but already businesses are facing boycotts and opponents are making accusations about the campaign. Even a business owner who vocally supported a $15 minimum wage now is having second thoughts, saying Seattle's plan is "grossly unfair" and keeps her awake at night. Read more »

Impact of Supreme Court ruling on SEIU in Washington still uncertain

Last week's Supreme Court ruling against mandatory membership in a quasi-public employee union in Illinois reverberated in Washington.  The implications for our state are uncertain, but the ruling could have a big impact on the Service Employees International Union, a heavy hitter in state politics.  Read more »

Signatures filed for state initiative to lower class sizes, but no mention of how to pay for it

Supporters of smaller class sizes turned in more than enough signatures for a statewide vote on I-1351, but the initiative makes no mention of how to pay for the costly improvements. Meanwhile, the Legislature looks at how to meet its billions of dollars in McCleary ruling obligations. Read more »

It's time! We'll see you on Thursday at our HR Forum (and you can still register...)

The time is now: register today for this Thursday's Human Resources Forum, "Strategies for Securing Your Competitive Advantage: Explore Top Trends, Generational Differences, and Employment Law Issues." Top experts -- including a LinkedIn staffing and recruiting specialist -- will bring you up to date on trends, tips and top advice. Read more »

Key Hearings/Meetings

Sen. Randi Becker to address AWB Health Care Committee

Mark your calendars for July 17, when Sen. Randi Becker, R-Eatonville, will address the AWB Health Care Committee.  Read more »

Other News

California Democrats worry cap-and-trade will hurt the poor

In a sign that concern about costly carbon reduction rules crosses the political aisle, California Democrats are worried about how the poor will be hurt by the Golden State's cap-and-trade program. Read more »

State and federal economic outlook is improving

Hiring is picking up and open jobs are taking longer to fill as the economic climate picks up in Washington. Federal reports are also strong, with employment coming in stronger than expected in June. Read more »

Attorney general goes after alleged scammer who misled 3,000 businesses out of $125

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is going after a Michigan company that it accuses of sending a bogus but official-looking letter to 60,000 businesses, fooling 3,000 of the firms out of $125 to fulfill a nonexistent state requirement. Read more »

'Stay at Work' program has now helped 10,000 injured workers -- and their employers

L&I's 'Stay at Work' program reimburses employers who bring their injured workers back quickly and safely to light duty or transitional work while they heal. The program hit a milestone last month when it marked 10,000 workers who were able to stay on the job thanks to this innovative 2011 workers' compensation reform. Read more »

Dockworkers continue on the job even after contract expires

International trade continues this week despite the expiration of a contract for the West Coast's longshore workers. Failure to agree on a contract could be costly for the entire economy. Read more »

Commercial fishing extended as sockeye salmon run is double the average

Sockeye salmon are swimming upstream past the Bonneville Dam at twice the 10-year average. This is already the fifth-best year on record, and the season is only halfway over. Read more »

Washington's population grows to nearly 7 million

The Evergreen State is growing, with nearly 100,000 new residents last year.

Read more »

AWB Events & Resources

Register now to save your place at the silver anniversary of AWB's Policy Summit

For 25 years, AWB's Policy Summit has been Washington's premier annual meeting of business and political leaders. We have some special events planned for our anniversary celebration this year, including a keynote address from the former top American commander in Afghanistan, retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Register today! Read more »

Plan to attend Equity Crowdfunding Summit Aug. 7

Leading state financial regulators and the legislative sponsor of this year's "equity crowdfunding" bill will speak at the upcoming Crowdfunding Summit in Seattle.  Read more »

They Said It

Blue Skies for Aerospace Manufacturing

"This is the most excited I've been." ~ Alex Pietsch, aerospace advisor for Gov. Jay Inslee, about how Boeing's decision to build the 777X in Washington has increased the likelihood of new aerospace suppliers locating in Washington.

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Evidence of a Manufacturing Rebirth

Sound Perspectives: A welcome renewal of respect for manufacturing

By AWB President Kris Johnson  
President Obama risked incurring the wrath of art history majors everywhere when he suggested that young people might do better financially by pursuing a career in skilled manufacturing or the trades than an art history degree.
Click to read the full column in the Puget Sound Business Journal

The Future of Education: Raisbeck Aviation High School 

By Dan Brunell
Association of Washington Business

Teenagers are getting real-life job experience -- including valuable trade skills in the aerospace industry -- at Raisbeck Aviation High School, just across the street from the Museum of Flight and South Boeing Field in Seattle.
Click to read the full story from Washington Business Magazine
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