July 27, 2020
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Find help reopening safely with the AWB Rebound and Recovery website

AWB’s Rebound and Recovery website, designed to help small businesses to reopen safely, continues to connect employers of all sizes with a growing network of producers of key PPE. The most popularly requested products include sanitizing wipes, face masks, gloves and other equipment to safely reopen or keep doors open to customers, as well as customizable plans and signage for both employees and customers.

Since its launch May 26, the website has enabled more than 4,100 employers to search for PPE providers and connect with local sources of key equipment.

"New suppliers are being added daily," said AWB Government Affairs Director Tommy Gantz. "If you have not had success in locating the PPE you need, please keep trying as newly added PPE suppliers could be the match you're looking for."

Check out this short video for more information.

Website visitors are also able to browse a variety of tool kit items which include the Safe Work Plan template, an employee safety poster, customer posters and physical distancing floor stickers.

The site also has an additional resources list of reopening plans, with links to phase-by-phase guidelines, HR and safety information.

The website is not only connecting employers with needed resources but also helping support Washington jobs. Nearly 200 manufacturers and distributors are listed in the PPE Connect directory, connecting employers with “Made in Washington” manufacturers and suppliers of PPE.

To learn more, contact Gantz, or check out AWB President Kris Johnson's column in South Sound Business.

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Prepare for Post-Pandemic Life

When the mills close, what's next?

By Mac Alexander Macdonald

What do communities do when their chief sources of income evaporate?

"Re-galvanize and reinvent," says Marc Abshire, executive director of the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce. But what can we do as citizens to contribute to making this a place where industry wants to locate? What will people in the future want to purchase or acquire, and then how do we attract those companies, while nurturing the businesses we currently have? Complacency is not an option, and neither is hope alone.

For a company to partner with an area, it needs a ready and ample workforce. Are people being trained for the skills needed? Will enough housing be available? Will company executives and workers feel comfortable having their medical needs met? Will all employees feel comfortable having their kids educated in the local schools?

Robert Duvall's second famous line in the movie "Apocalypse Now" was, "Someday this war is going to end." Someday this pandemic will be over, so we need to prepare now. Communities like mine need to lay aside rivalries and attract passengers to their future train. It has been well quoted: When the time for action arrives, the time for preparation has passed.

Read the full guest column in The Seattle Times