January 6, 2020
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Pelosi says House agenda includes infrastructure package

A federal infrastructure package in 2020 may still happen and is on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's agenda, The Wall Street Journal reports.

"We want to send over infrastructure, again, trying to work with the White House and the Republicans on what they’re willing to—how far they’re willing to go on that," she told the newspaper.

The paper also reports that the chair of the House Transportation Committee, U.S. Rep. Peter Defazio, D-Ore., "laid out a proposal that goes beyond a typical five-year highway funding bill that covers roads, public transit, airports, bridges and other large-scale projects."

The Water Resources Development Act is also up for reauthorization this year. That measure funds levees, inland waterways and stormwater projects.

"A concrete accomplishment in an election year could prove popular for both the president and members of Congress eager to show progress to voters," the newspaper reports. "But major issues remain such as how to balance public spending with private-sector involvement."

AWB and local government partners are ready to rebuild the state's critical infrastructure. Check out our infrastructure report here.

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Forward into Space Investment

Federal space push is an opportunity for Washington

By The Seattle Times Editorial Board

The new federal Space Force received just $40 million in the $738 billion defense budget that Congress recently approved.

That amount is as comical as the name Space Force, which sounds like something from a low-budget sci-fi movie.

But that belies serious effort and spending the federal government is now devoting to space activities. Snickering aside, this should renew Washington state efforts to be sure its universities, workers and growing cluster of space companies play substantial roles in these national investments.

As the nation increases space investment, legislators and Gov. Jay Inslee should nurture and grow space research, development and manufacturing in Washington, building on its historical leadership in aerospace and software.

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