October 14, 2019
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Department of Ecology delays decision on Kalama methanol plant

A key state agency says more information is needed before deciding on a permit for the proposed methanol plant in Kalama, The Columbian reports.

The permit application from the Port of Kalama and the builder, Northwest Innovation Works, is incomplete, the department says.

“Our review of the county’s permit decision found significant information missing from the project’s supplemental environmental impact statement and inadequate analysis of the project’s potential effects on Washington’s environment,” the department wrote in a statement.

Cowlitz County officials granted a permit, and the Department of Ecology is reviewing it.

Plans for the $2 billon facility were announced in 2014. It would produce as much as 10,000 metric tons of methanol per day, using 320 million cubic feet of natural gas during the process, the newspaper reports.

County officials issued a conditional use permit for the project in September, and the Department of Ecology began its review of that decision. Applicants have until Nov. 7 to provide additional information.

“The required information focuses on two key areas: specific details on the proposed mitigation plan to address the project’s in-state greenhouse gas emissions, and a thorough, comprehensive analysis of the project’s global and in-state greenhouse gas emissions,” the department wrote, as reported in The Columbian.

A spokesman for Northwest Innovation Works told the newspaper the company expected further inquiries, and would help with a response as needed.

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