September 30, 2019
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Mark your calendars for Evening of Excellence on Nov. 20

Join us to honor our 2019 award winners!

AWB’s annual Evening of Excellence is where we honor member companies that demonstrate excellence and best practices in a variety of fields. Please save the date, Nov. 20, to join us in honoring business leaders across the state for the work they have done to support the Association of Washington Business in becoming the catalytic leader and unifying voice for prosperity throughout Washington state.

This event is ideal for the AWB members, partners and friends who enjoy a good party! (Including live jazz from the Walking Hat Trio.) This is also a great opportunity for you to connect with the “best of the best” in business and manufacturing in Washington state.

Additionally, our Oscar-style elegant evening at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall on Nov. 20 is the perfect stage to announce and recognize AWB’s annual award winners, given by categories that are inspired by AWB's mission and vision. They are:

  • Washington Achieve Award – Recognizing a business that has excelled in creating, implementing or supporting a high-caliber education and/or workforce development system aligned with closing the employment gap
  • Washington Connect Award – Recognizing a business with products and/or services that have positively impacted the way in which Washington employers and communities are connected to each other and the world
  • Leading Environmental Practices – Recognizing a business that has put a priority on environmental improvement, education or outreach to its business sector and/or community
  • Washington Advance Award – Recognizing a business that has had a significant impact in its sector, contributing to the advancement of its community and/or statewide economy
  • Entrepreneur of the Year – Given to an entrepreneur whose business is less than five years old and has made a significant impact in its industry
  • Employer of the Year – Recognizing an employer that has implemented innovative job retention, creation, benefits, and/or compensation plans that foster a thriving work environment

The Manufacturing Excellence Awards are given in these categories:

  • Green Manufacturing Award — Given to a business that has maximized energy efficiency levels, gone above and beyond regulatory requirements, minimized waste from the production process and reduced its carbon footprint
  • Operational Excellence Award — Recognizing a company that has a distinctive manufacturing process, including continuous improvement, innovations, lean and six sigma and/or application of high technology
  • Innovation Award — Recognizing a company that has maintained a competitive advantage by utilizing innovation while remaining responsive to market demands
  • Manufacturer of the Year Award — This premier award recognizes a company that has a commitment to business excellence, has found creative solutions to challenges that raise or enhance the industry standard, as well as involvement in state and/or local public policy issues that affect manufacturers.

Buy your tickets online here or contact Jacob Sodeman at for more information.

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Freeways Aren't Free

The Times recommends: Reject car tabs Initiative 976 and its devastating effects

By The Seattle Times Editorial Board

In his latest ballot measure, initiative promoter Tim Eyman is overreaching again. He conjures a fantasy world in which Washington's transportation infrastructure is complete, efficient and everlasting.

The real-life Initiative 976 is a direct threat to Washington's well-being. It would cut repairs to streets and bridges of 62 districts across the state, delay voter-approved mass transit in mid-construction and cost taxpayers more money in the long run. The statewide transportation budget, including highway construction and the State Patrol, would be shorted $4 billion over the next decade.

Little wonder large employers including Amazon, Alaska Airlines and Microsoft, business groups, city and county officials, unions and environmental concerns oppose I-976...

Nothing about I-976 is a good idea, in terms of responsible governance or prudent money management. Eyman asks voters to buy a falsity that there's some miraculous way to fund our state's backlog of bridge, road and transit needs. Because the courts cannot end this toxic nonsense quickly enough, voters must reject I-976 themselves.

Read the full editorial in The Seattle Times