September 3, 2019
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Local fire departments urged to apply to be part of the Holiday Kids' Tree Project

Do you have contacts in your local firefighting community? Please consider nominating small town and rural fire departments for this year’s Holiday Kids’ Tree Project, which gives grants to fire departments to distribute to families and children in need.

AWB members have donated more than $420,000 since 1989 to help families during the holiday season. The money is distributed by local fire districts and provides for things like food, staples and toys.

Now, AWB is asking employers for help connecting to the rural fire departments that are in touch with their communities and the people that could use a boost.

Please take a moment to check out our nomination form here. For more information please contact Susie Griffin at 360.943.1600 or

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Employers need to prepare for new noncompete laws

By Tim O'Connell of Stoel Rives

During the last legislative session, Washington took significant steps to limit noncompetition agreements for employees in the state and prohibit employer policies that ban moonlighting, impacting not only an important part of many local companies' strategies to protect their market position, but also employee loyalty.

The new state statute regarding noncompetition agreements and moonlighting policies demands attention from Washington employers...

Starting Jan. 1, 2020, employers that utilize noncompetition agreements need to carefully evaluate whether those agreements will meet the new state standards. If not, employers should revoke or revise those agreements prior to the effective date...

Properly structured noncompetition agreements and properly based policies regarding moonlighting are valid. Employers must, however, address these new limitations, sooner rather than later.

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