July 22, 2019
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Amazon's contributions to Seattle: Billions and billions

Amazon has released new data on its overall impact on the Seattle community.

The Puget Sound Journal of Business reported on Amazon’s impact to Seattle recently, which include $32.2 billion in employee compensation and an increase of $25.3 billion in personal income for non-Amazon employees, as a result of the company’s significant investments.

The company has invested $4.5 billion in capital infrastructure like buildings, and has created 244,000 indirect jobs as a result of Amazon investments.

There are 45,000 employees in Seattle, too. Many of them dine at one of the company’s 29 restaurants and cafes inside Amazon headquarters.

Reporter Ashley Stewart also noted that the company has been more politically active since it worked to defeat a head tax proposal in Seattle last year.

“Releasing information on the community investments Amazon makes may help to convince the Seattle City Council — which could change a great deal with seven seats up for election this fall — that the private sector can be relied on to help solve the region’s challenges without intervention from government,” she wrote.

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Career-connected Learning

Steer our students to the many paths for productive lives

By State Sen. Lisa Wellman and State Rep. Vandana Slatter

We know that today's jobs require education beyond high school. But our graduation rate is still under 80 percent, and only 40 percent of our high school students earn a credential or degree after high school by the time they are 26 years old.

Meanwhile, businesses can't find workers with the skills they need. This means that despite the state's strong economic growth, thousands of Washington students are being left behind every single year.

The situation is serious and getting more urgent. In the next few years, Washington employers are anticipating 740,000 job openings with jobs that require technical certification, apprenticeship or college degrees. We need to get students ready...

Career Connect Washington provides a fundamental new framework for connecting students to high demand, high potential jobs, and higher education, job training and actual employment. Through a regional approach of supporting localized networks focused on the needs of our diverse state, each area of our state will be able to help students learn about, explore and prepare for their careers...

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