April 22, 2019
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New white paper shows impact of USMCA on the American automotive sector

The Office of the United States Trade Representative released an analysis last week about the estimated impact the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will have on investment and jobs in the U.S. automotive sector.

The analysis, based largely on information provided by North American automotive manufacturers, estimates that over a five-year period the USMCA will result in:

  • $34 billion in new automotive manufacturing investments in the U.S.;
  • $23 billion in new annual purchases of U.S.-made automotive parts; and
  • 76,000 jobs in the U.S. automotive sector.

United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said the updated trade pact will discourage the outsourcing of American automotive jobs and encourage more investment and manufacturing jobs here in the United States.

“Information from all the major auto companies confirms that the new USMCA’s rules of origin will achieve this goal," Lighthizer said. "These much-needed improvements are key to supporting more good-paying manufacturing jobs for American workers."

The USTR analysis notes that the USMCA is already helping to stimulate billions of dollars in new auto manufacturing investments in the United States. Fiat Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagen have publicly announced recent investments that were partly influenced by their anticipated need to comply with USMCA’s rules of origin.

For more information, contact Amy Anderson, AWB government affairs director for federal issues.

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Celebrating Employers

Kennewick company stars in statewide campaign

By AWB President Kris Johnson

Washington employers are entrepreneurs who build their companies for more than the product they make and the services they provide; they build them to fulfill their values of community, compassion and conscience.

That's the message behind Grow Here, the multi-media employer image ad campaign from the Association of Washington Business.

In its third year, Grow Here's goal is two-fold: to highlight the "why" that motivates Washington companies and share the employee experience within those businesses. And, to remind people that Washington state's competitiveness -- its ability to attract and retain employers -- is critical to an economy that works for all residents.

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Road to Prosperity

Sparking Inspiration for Future Success -- Career Connect Washington Initiative Creates STEM Career Pathways

By Susan Mullaney, president of Kaiser Permanente Washington and Washington STEM board member

Our communities depend on STEM-related fields. Ensuring a consistent pipeline of students interested in pursuing STEM jobs is critical. We believe that early exposure to STEM is impactful for school-aged children. At a time when our state needs more than 94,000 health care professionals over the next three years, we need more students to pursue health care related careers. We need a sustainable plan to inspire and excite young people. And, we must ensure an equitable pathway into these high-demand, high-impact jobs.

Currently, thousands of Washington students are on track to graduate high school unprepared for these jobs and are often unaware STEM jobs even exist. In the next five years, an estimated 225,465 jobs that earn a family-sustaining wage will require credentials that many of our Washingtonian students are not on track to earn...

Nothing is more meaningful than careers born of out of a youthful spark of inspiration. When we engage more students from our diverse communities and share the deep impact of science and medical jobs, we support their future and ensure sustainability within the communities we serve.

Read the full commentary at the Washington STEM website
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