February 11, 2019
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AWB members' input sought on WSDOT aviation study

As part of AWB's engagement on aviation issues, the association participates on a number of advisory committees with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). Officials with WSDOT Aviation division have asked AWB members to fill out a quick survey on the business use of airports, which is part of a larger statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study (AEIS).

AWB's Mike Ennis asks members to take a quick survey (less than 10 minutes) using this link. WSDOT will use this information to improve airports’ abilities to support commerce and provide the facilities and services necessary for businesses.

The survey uses skip logic, so questions will automatically be tailored to each member's unique situation. To access the survey, click this link.

All information provided will be combined with other responses, and no individual business details will be included in the final report. Data will only be used for the purposes of the Washington AEIS and held in strict confidence by the WSDOT Aviation Division and the project team led by Kimley-Horn.

For more information about the Washington AEIS, contact Rob Hodgman at the WSDOT Aviation Division at (360) 596-8910 or HodgmaR@wsdot.wa.gov or Pam Keidel-Adams of Kimley-Horn at (480) 207-2670 or pam.keidel-adams@kimley-horn.com.

For general questions about AWB's engagement on aviation, contact Government Affairs Director Mike Ennis.

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Restrictive Scheduling
State Revenue Is Growing

Legislative session focused on spending, taxes

By AWB President Kris Johnson

The 66th Legislature convened Jan. 14 and is slated to end on April 28. During that time, the top job for lawmakers is to craft the state's two-year operating budget.

The good news is they have record tax collections to work with -- more than $50 billion for the 2019-2021 budget cycle.

To put that into perspective, in 2011-2013 the state collected $31.3 billion in tax revenue.

This revenue growth was illustrated in a large display last fall at the Association of Washington Business's annual Policy Summit. The tallest of the revenue lines was over 6-feet tall. That was the projection for 2021-2023, when state coffers are expected to take in more than $53 billion. At the other end of the chart, the line showing was just over three-and-a-half feet tall...

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Investing in Green Infrastructure

LNG fuel is just one way the Port of Tacoma's getting cleaner

By Don Meyer and John McCarthy, Port of Tacoma commissioners

The Port of Tacoma has a long history and culture of innovation, shared by our customers and partners.

Three years ago, TOTE Maritime, a port customer for 42 years, began the process to become one of the first shipping lines to run its ships on liquefied natural gas (LNG), a much cleaner burning fuel than traditional bunker diesel.

Is LNG a perfect solution? No, but TOTE's vision and initiative should be celebrated. We can see these benefits immediately by moving toward LNG now and keeping our trade moving, not waiting for the next technology to be invented.

Our plan to open an LNG plant on the Tideflats in the next few years will give us a competitive advantage and increase safety by not having to transfer the fuel via truck...

Don Meyer of Spanaway was elected to his third term on the five-member Port of Tacoma Commission in 2017. John McCarthy of Northeast Tacoma was elected at the same time after previously serving on the commission from 1983-92.

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