October 1, 2018
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Yakama fuel tax case to be heard by U.S. Supreme Court later this month

The U.S. Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing for Oct. 30 on a court case that stems from the state Department of Licensing’s lawsuit against a gas station and convenience store in White Swan, The Yakima Herald-Republic reports.

At issue is whether Yakama tribal members are exempt from Washington state gas taxes on the reservation.

State officials allege the store, owned by a tribal member, brought fuel from out of state onto the reservation, without paying the state’s gas tax.

Both the Yakima County Superior Court and the state Supreme Court have ruled that an 1855 treaty provided a tax exemption to tribal-owned gas stations on the reservation.

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Vote No on I-1631

No vote urged on pollution fee initiative

By The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Editorial Board

Earlier this year we opposed Gov. Jay Inslee's effort to impose a carbon-emissions tax in the Washington state Legislature.

We now oppose a similar effort to impose a carbon tax -- now dubbed a pollution fee -- through Initiative 1631. We urge a no vote on I-1631 on the November ballot.

This does not mean we oppose all efforts to combat climate change, which we see as a real and serious threat to all of us.

But any effective effort to reduce the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change should be done on a national scale at the federal level. A state-by-state approach such as the initiative adopts won't achieve much except to create an economic burden on those living in Washington state...

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