June 25, 2018
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Foster youth gain more access to apprenticeships, college, and other support

Washington is the first state in the country to pass legislation aimed at helping foster youth connect with apprenticeships and higher education support, including the cost of tuition and apprenticeship programs, state officials report. The newly created Passport to Careers program was passed in the 2018 Legislature and signed into law in March.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, offers help to foster youth, former foster youth and homeless young people for up to six years, the news site Investigate West reports. It also lowers the eligibility age from 16 to 13 and will likely double the number of students served.

“There is a huge need to expand access and opportunity for children, particularly those who face immense obstacles or lack the support of their families,” Ranker said in a news release earlier this year. “With stronger services to guide them through junior high and high school, and ensure they’re prepared with needed prerequisites, these youth will have better opportunities to pursue their dreams.”

Each year, many young people age out of the foster care system and often face significant challenges in life, supporters say. For example, just 3 percent of people who age out of foster care earn a college degree and as many as half are unemployed at age 24.

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Five things Seattle leaders should learn from the head tax repeal

By Tim Punke and John Murray

The Seattle City Council's stunning reversal on the $275-per-employee jobs tax was a case study in over-reaching and misreading public sentiment. As Seattle moves forward, there will be a lot of Monday-morning quarterbacking and second-guessing, but there are some key lessons in this historic about-face:

* Seattle has tax fatigue

* We need accountability

* We shouldn't take jobs for granted

* Seattle's business community is the envy of the nation

* We need thoughtful regional solutions to homelessness and housing insecurity

Ultimately, it's not just about working together on homelessness, or other pressing issues of the day. It's about our elected leaders leading, seeking common ground, and partnering with both the advocate and business communities...

Read the full op-ed in The Puget Sound Business Journal
Voter Insights

TVW providing must-see TV for 2018 election

By Renee Radcliff Sinclair, TVW president

As part of TVW's obligation to provide you with information about your state government, we have a profound commitment to state election coverage. This summer and fall, TVW will be traversing the state to cover statewide candidate and ballot measure campaigns. In addition to airing candidate forums and debates on TVW's cable television station, all programming is archived and available for your use right here. As election season approaches, this site will be updated daily with new events and opportunities for you to gain further insights into candidates and ballot measures.

Part of TVW's media philosophy has always been to enable the public to hear directly from our news sources in something more than just short sound bites. With that commitment as a backdrop, TVW has partnered with Secretary of State Kim Wyman to make available a Video Voters Guide, allowing you to hear directly from the many candidates running for office this August. Here you can access three-minute, unedited candidate statements outlining the policy priorities of each. These candidate vignettes are also airing regularly on TVW's cable television station across the state (check local listings)....

Read the full guest column in The Yakima Herald-Republic
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