June 25, 2018
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State forecast shows $600 million boost to tax collections over next four years

The latest numbers from the state's Economic and Revenue Forecast Council show that a strong economy will continue to push tax money into state coffers at a rate even higher than expected. The upshot: about $300 million more in tax collections than previously budgeted in each of the next two upcoming budget cycles.

"The Washington economy is expanding at a rapid pace. Income, employment, and population growth all exceed national averages. The major change in the Washington economic forecast since February is higher personal income, part of which is due to higher inflation in the near term," the report concludes.

It also notes that Washington's economy is generally strong, but that risks remain, including international trade concerns, geopolitical risks and the maturing economic expansion.

The forecast shows $298 million more in the current biennium, which ends June 30, 2019, and is now set to be $45.3 billion.

And looking ahead to the 2019-21 budget, the state's tax collections are expected to increase by nearly $287 million, pushing the state tax collected from employers and residents to $49.4 billion.

The state is now expected to have a reserve of $2.9 billion.

David Schumacher, the governor's top budget-writer and the director of the state Office of Financial Management, said this uptick in revenues won't be enough to meet the state's needs, including caseload and cost growth, maintenance of K-12 education and health care systems, mental health outlays, employee compensation, and other governmental costs.

“Even with today’s increased forecast in the current biennium, we will face some big challenges in balancing the next two-year state budget,” Schumacher said.

The Olympian covered the story, and Opportunity Washington took a look at the big picture.

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Lessons to Learn

Five things Seattle leaders should learn from the head tax repeal

By Tim Punke and John Murray

The Seattle City Council's stunning reversal on the $275-per-employee jobs tax was a case study in over-reaching and misreading public sentiment. As Seattle moves forward, there will be a lot of Monday-morning quarterbacking and second-guessing, but there are some key lessons in this historic about-face:

* Seattle has tax fatigue

* We need accountability

* We shouldn't take jobs for granted

* Seattle's business community is the envy of the nation

* We need thoughtful regional solutions to homelessness and housing insecurity

Ultimately, it's not just about working together on homelessness, or other pressing issues of the day. It's about our elected leaders leading, seeking common ground, and partnering with both the advocate and business communities...

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Voter Insights

TVW providing must-see TV for 2018 election

By Renee Radcliff Sinclair, TVW president

As part of TVW's obligation to provide you with information about your state government, we have a profound commitment to state election coverage. This summer and fall, TVW will be traversing the state to cover statewide candidate and ballot measure campaigns. In addition to airing candidate forums and debates on TVW's cable television station, all programming is archived and available for your use right here. As election season approaches, this site will be updated daily with new events and opportunities for you to gain further insights into candidates and ballot measures.

Part of TVW's media philosophy has always been to enable the public to hear directly from our news sources in something more than just short sound bites. With that commitment as a backdrop, TVW has partnered with Secretary of State Kim Wyman to make available a Video Voters Guide, allowing you to hear directly from the many candidates running for office this August. Here you can access three-minute, unedited candidate statements outlining the policy priorities of each. These candidate vignettes are also airing regularly on TVW's cable television station across the state (check local listings)....

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