June 25, 2018
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It's the final week to apply for AWB's Manufacturing Excellence and Evening of Excellence awards

Each year, AWB provides opportunities for member companies to showcase excellence and best practices in a variety of fields through two awards programs. All awards are peer-reviewed by member companies with expertise in the related award categories. It's time to complete your application for the 2018 Evening of Excellence and Manufacturing Excellence Awards.

Employers can self-nominate, or AWB members can nominate any other employers for awards.

The Evening of Excellence Awards are given in these categories:

  •  Washington Achieve Award – Recognizing a business that has excelled in creating, implementing or supporting a high-caliber education and/or workforce development system aligned with closing the employment gap.
  •  Washington Connect Award – Recognizing a business whose products and/or services have positively impacted the way in which Washington employers and communities are connected to each other and the world.
  •  Leading Environmental Practices – Recognizing a business that has put a priority on environmental improvement, education or outreach to its business sector and/or community.
  •  Washington Advance Award – Recognizing a business that has had a significant impact in its sector, contributing to the advancement of its community and/or statewide economy.
  •  Entrepreneur of the year – Given to an entrepreneur whose business is less than 5 years old and has made a significant impact in their industry.
  •  Employer of the Year – Recognizing an employer that has implemented innovative job retention, creation, benefits, and/or compensation plans that fosters a thriving work environment.

The Manufacturing Excellence Awards are given in these categories:

  •  Green Manufacturing Award — Given to a business that has maximized energy efficiency levels, gone above and beyond regulatory requirements, minimized waste from the production process and reduced its carbon footprint.
  •  Operational Excellence Award — Recognizing a company that has a distinctive manufacturing process, including continuous improvement, innovations, lean and six sigma and/or application of high technology.
  •  Innovation Award — Recognizing a company that has maintained a competitive advantage by utilizing innovation while remaining responsive to market demands.
  •  Manufacturer of the Year Award — This premier award recognizes a company that has a commitment to business excellence, has found creative solutions to challenges that raise or enhance the industry standard, as well as involvement in state and/or local public policy issues that affect manufacturers.

Read about last year’s Evening of Excellence and Manufacturing Excellence award winners in Washington Business magazine here and here. Take a look at the winners in photo galleries from the 2016 and 2017 award celebrations.

This year’s awards will be presented at the Evening of Excellence awards event Nov. 28 at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.

To learn more about these awards, or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, contact Kelli Schueler at 800.521.9325.

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Lessons to Learn

Five things Seattle leaders should learn from the head tax repeal

By Tim Punke and John Murray

The Seattle City Council's stunning reversal on the $275-per-employee jobs tax was a case study in over-reaching and misreading public sentiment. As Seattle moves forward, there will be a lot of Monday-morning quarterbacking and second-guessing, but there are some key lessons in this historic about-face:

* Seattle has tax fatigue

* We need accountability

* We shouldn't take jobs for granted

* Seattle's business community is the envy of the nation

* We need thoughtful regional solutions to homelessness and housing insecurity

Ultimately, it's not just about working together on homelessness, or other pressing issues of the day. It's about our elected leaders leading, seeking common ground, and partnering with both the advocate and business communities...

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Voter Insights

TVW providing must-see TV for 2018 election

By Renee Radcliff Sinclair, TVW president

As part of TVW's obligation to provide you with information about your state government, we have a profound commitment to state election coverage. This summer and fall, TVW will be traversing the state to cover statewide candidate and ballot measure campaigns. In addition to airing candidate forums and debates on TVW's cable television station, all programming is archived and available for your use right here. As election season approaches, this site will be updated daily with new events and opportunities for you to gain further insights into candidates and ballot measures.

Part of TVW's media philosophy has always been to enable the public to hear directly from our news sources in something more than just short sound bites. With that commitment as a backdrop, TVW has partnered with Secretary of State Kim Wyman to make available a Video Voters Guide, allowing you to hear directly from the many candidates running for office this August. Here you can access three-minute, unedited candidate statements outlining the policy priorities of each. These candidate vignettes are also airing regularly on TVW's cable television station across the state (check local listings)....

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