February 26, 2018
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HB 2327: Mandatory energy-efficiency standards for appliances

In testimony before the Senate Energy, Environment and Technology Committee, AWB joined the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers in testifying against House Bill 2327, which would turn voluntary energy efficiency standards for appliances into mandates.

Listen to testimony from AWB Government Affairs Director Mary Catherine McAleer here.

The testimony helped shape amendments to the bill, and AWB is now neutral on the revised legislation.

To learn more, contact Mary Catherine McAleer, AWB government affairs director for environmental policy.

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Capital Gains Tax
All Manufacturers Need Relief

Manufacturing jobs key to all of our communities

By AWB President Kris Johnson

The health of Washington state's manufacturing sector is a bellwether for the strength of our overall economy, and a key driver of economic opportunity for families in every city and small town across the state.

The sector is vital to the state. Manufacturing jobs support families with livable wages and benefits and they grow the local economy and tax base to ensure funding for critical services.

Along with all that positive news, is the reality is the sector needs some support.

Since 2000, Washington has lost more than 50,000 manufacturing jobs, the majority of which are not in the aerospace sector.

The good news is lawmakers are currently considering bills that would reinstate the uniform B&O tax relief. It's a move our members support as one way to jumpstart job creation in every part of the state...

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