December 18, 2017
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Judge strikes down state agency's Clean Air Rule

Thurston County Judge James Dixon last week invalidated the state Department of Ecology’s (DOE) Clean Air Rule, or CAR. A coalition of employer groups, led by AWB, challenged the rule in 2016, citing the lack of legislative approval to create and implement the controversial new regulation.

In a statement, AWB President Kris Johnson praised the ruling: “We are pleased with the judge’s decision. AWB and its members remain committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Washington is a low-carbon leader in the nation and world, and our state’s employers will continue to reduce carbon emissions through innovation and private investment.”

In his ruling, Judge Dixon noted that the DOE does not have authority to regulate suppliers of natural gas and petroleum products because they are not an emitting party. The agency’s authority is limited to entities that directly introduce contaminates into the air; not sellers of the products.

For more information on this issue, contact AWB Government Affairs Director Mary Catherine McAleer at 360.943.1600.

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International Growth Zone

Northwest Startup Supporters Grow U.S.-Canada Economic Ties

By Benjamin Romano, editor, Xconomy Seattle

There's a new network organizing the incubators, accelerators, and investors fostering innovation in the Pacific Northwest on both sides of the U.S. - Canada border.

Business collaboration across the 49th parallel is having a moment, thanks in no small part to a dramatic divergence in immigration policies between the two countries this year that have prompted U.S. tech companies to establish or grow their presence in Canada to access talent from around the world.

The Cascadia Venture Acceleration Network (CVAN) is focused on collaboration at the grass-roots level of the innovation economy -- specifically the cleantech, life sciences, and IT industries -- in the broad area known as Cascadia, encompassing Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, Canada.

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