September 29, 2014
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Governor's office: Carbon price could boost cost of gasoline by $1.46 a gallon by 2035

As Gov. Jay Inslee moves forward on carbon policy, his office has released computer models that predict the cost of possible carbon price levels. In a presentation last week to the Senate Environment, Energy & Telecommunications Committee, Inslee's office said gas costs would increase measurably if carbon prices are put into place.

Under a "higher" scenario of a $12 price per metric ton of carbon, with an $8 increase annually, gasoline production costs would increase by 60 percent over the next 20 years and natural gas production would increase by 35 percent. That scenario would raise gasoline prices by 44 cents a gallon by 2020 and $1.46 a gallon by 2035, Crosscut reports.

The "lower" rate of $12 per metric ton, followed by 60 cent annual increases through 2020 and $2 annual increases after that, would increase gasoline prices by 13 cents a gallon in 2020.

In other carbon news, a new study of warming temperatures on the West Coast links temperature increases of one degree Celsius since 1900 to the winds and air circulation patterns over the Pacific Ocean. The Seattle Times has the story.

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