April 24, 2017
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AWB Institute offers internship bulletin board website to connect employers with interns

Internships can be a win-win for students, who learn practical on-the-job skills, and employers, who can connect with an energetic new member of the workplace.

The Association of Washington Business Institute is continuing its work to encourage employers across the state to set up internship opportunities. The Institute has just launched an online internship bulletin board to allow easy posting of internship opportunities by employers. Institute staff can also set up the profile for employers who would like to take part. Internships can vary to suit each employer’s needs.

Students will post their resume and profile to find matches.

The Institute is also offering an internship toolkit that helps employers implement internships to benefit both their organization as well as provide valuable work-based learning opportunities for students. The toolkit describes types of internships, the benefits to businesses and students, process models, sample documents and resources.

Employers will receive support throughout the internship process from the faculty of the student’s college, if a student is selected to fill an internship position. AWB will serve as the facilitator and track progress of employers hiring interns.

Please sign up on the AWB Institute's internship board or contact Jackie Riley, AWB Institute program coordinator, at 360-943-1600 for guided help to set up an internship opportunity.

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Nothing 'Special' About It

Here we go! The usual 'special legislative session' on the horizon

By The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Editorial Board

This time around, a deadline with real consequences will be looming. The state's budget year starts on July 1 and funding must be approved in order for government to operate and for its employees to be paid.

If this drags on until the end of June, it could be a mess -- particularly if lawmakers do not use their time wisely. If senators and representatives continue to just hiss at each other for two months and then cobble together a make-do budget that doesn't satisfy the high court, it will be a failure.

Lawmakers need to get the people's work accomplished sooner rather than later. Getting a budget approved that fully funds basic education is essential.

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Focus on the Main Problems

Hirst, budget should be priorities

By The Daily Sun News Editorial Board

We think lawmakers should postpone further discussion and action on remaining secondary bills until after problems relating to the Hirst decision are resolved and a budget approved, in that order.

The Hirst decision is already causing undo economic hardship on rural communities, and rural schools by essentially banning drilling of new wells. That ban, in turn, is putting a dent in state tax revenues as property values fall and rural development slows.

Meanwhile, the Legislature remains under a court order to fully fund basic education statewide. But without resolving Hirst first, any education funding measure is just a Band-Aid...

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