January 30, 2017
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Employment Law Webinar: Employee Handbook, Insurance & Benefits

Registrations are open for the five remaining sessions in AWB's 2017 Employment Law webinar series. That includes the second session on Feb. 8, which will feature a look at pre-hire, hiring and job descriptions with Eisenhower Carlson attorney Chad Arceneaux.

This is the second year that AWB has offered employment law webinars. The goal is to help employers protect their company — and employees — in the ever-changing world of employment law. The best defense is to be up-to-date on the latest practices and standards. AWB is offering an in-depth look at workplace law with top legal experts who are well-versed in Washington's employment standards.

The six-session Employment Law webinar series continues through June. The attorneys giving the classes will discuss hiring, termination, non-competes, accident investigations, wage and hour, insurance, benefits, job descriptions and much more. Upcoming seminars include:

· March 8: Wage & Hour with Mona McPhee of Desh International & Business Law

· April 5: Performance Evaluations, Disciplinary Action & Termination with Britenae Pierce of Ryan Swanson

· May 3: Non-Competes, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Solicitations & Intellectual Property Protection with Chrystina R. Solum of Ledger Square Law, P.S.

· June 14: Accident Investigation Plans with Bruce Cross of Perkins Coie LLP

CLE requests have been submitted and are being processed.

For a full list of events and registration options, click here.

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A look at the 2017 Legislative Day and Hill Climb

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Employers Helping Find and Fund Solutions

Kudos to Microsoft for bold public-policy goals for Washington state

By The Seattle Times Editorial Board

Microsoft is taking its regional public service to a new level with the release of an ambitious legislative agenda for Washington state.

Under its president, Brad Smith, the company has increasingly advocated for education, transportation and economic development.

Recognizing that the entire state has unmet needs, the company is broadening its agenda beyond the Puget Sound area. Best of all, Microsoft is offering to help incubate and partly fund several new programs to get them launched.

The public benefits from such corporate citizens providing thoughtful and supportive engagement on critical policy issues.

Read the full editorial in The Seattle Times
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