December 12, 2016
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Trump administration will be able to weigh in on legal appeals over federal overtime rule

Even under an expedited appeals process approved last week by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the court battle over the Obama administration's overtime rule will extend until at least the end of January. That means that the incoming Trump administration's new leadership of the Department of Labor (DOL) will have a chance to change its stance on the rule.

K&L Gates posted a summary of the latest news on its blog. The bottom line: "The court also indicated that it would schedule oral arguments for the first available sitting after the close of briefing. This timing would allow the DOL, under the Trump administration, to abandon DOL’s current position and stop defending the appeal if it chose to do so."

The DOL's overtime rule would have more than doubled the minimum salary for white-collar worker overtime exemptions from $23,660 annually to $47,476 annually. After a late-November ruling by a federal district court judge in Texas, the rule is on hold, at least for now. AWB covered that ruling here.

Meanwhile in Washington, some state dairy workers are filing a lawsuit challenging Washington state's overtime exemption for agricultural workers. NPR has information on the suit here.

For more on the overtime and labor law, contact Bob Battles, AWB government affairs director for workplace issues.

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Sustainability in Action

Building with renewables

By Washington Business magazine

With the tagline "engineered to outlive you," Brooks Manufacturing Co. designs and manufactures quality wood crossarms and transmission framing products for the electric utility industry. Established in 1915, Brooks Manufacturing has been owned and operated by the Brooks family since 1935. Brooks is a certified woman-owned business enterprise.

The company's Douglas fir crossarms come from sustainable forests that are managed to meet the social, economic, and ecological needs of present and future generations.
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Jobs are Waiting

Wrap up review of Longview coal terminal

By The Everett Herald Editorial Board

As long as we're talking about bubbles, perhaps those of us in Snohomish and King counties ought to take a look outside ours to other parts of the state that aren't sharing in all aspects of the state's economic rebound.

Both counties enjoy the state's lowest unemployment rates as of October: 4 percent in Snohomish County and 3.7 percent in King. Counties in southwest Washington, however, continue to lag with unemployment rates of 6 percent in Clark, 7.2 percent in Cowlitz, 7.6 percent in Lewis and 8.6 percent in Wahkiakum County.
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