March 28, 2016
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This week, thank a Vietnam veteran

It's time once again to say thank you to the Americans who fought for their country during the Vietnam War. Gov. Jay Inslee has proclaimed this Tuesday, March 29, as Vietnam Veterans Day, marking the 43rd anniversary of the official end of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam conflict.

In addition, by state law, the next day March 30, is "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day." It’s a time to give the thanks to Vietnam veterans that many of them did not receive when they came home to a polarized nation.

Beyond a simple but much-appreciated "thank you for your service," there are other ways Washingtonians can commemorate these days of remembrance.

The state Department of Veterans Affairs lists two events this week on both sides of the state to honor Vietnam veterans:

As an official partner with the Vietnam War Commemoration, AWB is helping share the story of the ways Washington employers support veterans, including those from the Vietnam War. We also highlight business community leaders who served in Vietnam, including a ceremony at our 2014 Policy Summit.

On behalf of all employers in Washington, AWB thanks all who have served our country, and this week, we especially thank our Vietnam veterans.

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Public Charter Schools Are Working

Gov. Inslee should sign charter school bill, let students achieve their dreams

By Rep. Eric Pettigrew, D-Seattle

As a state, we cannot let go of our ability to lift hardworking people out of poverty. We must do everything within our power to ensure public education remains a powerful ladder to success for every child in Washington. We cannot allow the leaders and innovators of future generations to slip through the cracks simply because we were too stuck in our ways to create the change we know they needed.

ESSSB 6194, a bill to keep Washington's public charter schools open for the long-term and an option for all communities across the state, now sits on Inslee's desk awaiting his signature. The bill, which passed both houses of the Legislature with bipartisan support, provides excellent educational opportunities for hundreds of students today, and potentially thousands of students in the future. ...

I have heard some of my fellow legislators who oppose ESSSB 6194 say we either need to fix every problem in public education for every student in Washington or do nothing at all. I urge the governor to reject such false choices.

I urge the governor to sign the charter-school bill, which would keep these students on the path to achieving their dreams and build upon Washington's foundation of innovation and accountability in public education.

Click here to read the full op-ed in The Seattle Times
Washington Employers Are Leading the Way

Something old and something new: How Seattle's viaduct is being recycled in the tunnel

By Richard D. Oxley,

Parts of Seattle's viaduct may be torn down, but in a way, those parts won't truly be gone.

Nucor, the state's largest metal recycler, takes scrap steel from portions of the torn down Alaskan Way Viaduct through downtown Seattle and forges it into new product.

The recycling effort is currently featured in a commercial produced by the Association of Washington Business...

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