December 7, 2015
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This Thursday: Learn how to transition ownership of your company at Succession Planning Fundamentals

Learn how to develop a thoughtful process to address all issues surrounding the most important phase of your business life – successfully transitioning your ownership of your company – at the second succession planning workshop at 10 a.m. this Thursday in Seattle.

Kristofer Gray, CFP and Paul Hajek will examine many of the common challenges affecting business owners on the subject of succession planning and implementation. They will describe how to develop a thoughtful process to address all issues of transitioning ownership of your business and how to maximize the value of the business, minimize the tax burden of the transition, and help you create the desired legacy.

The goal of succession planning seminar is to help business owners identify, plan for, and achieve personal, business, and financial goals while transitioning out of their companies.

Registration is now open. This seminar was held earlier this year and was filled to capacity, so register today.

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Becoming a Top Ten State

Opportunities begin here in Washington state

By AWB President Kris Johnson and Washington Roundtable President Steve Mullin

The central Puget Sound region and Washington have long been a center of global trade.

A look behind the numbers, however, reveals that many Washingtonians are falling behind. And far too many young people fail to get the education they need to succeed and compete for great jobs being created by Washington employers.
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Investing in Jobs

Boeing incentives are good for WA

By Rob McKenna

We're not talking about tax giveaways here; they're incentives to keep incredibly valuable airplane manufacturing right here in Washington. Our state benefits enormously from Boeing's presence. Just ask governors and business leaders in other states -- they'd love to have even a fraction of Boeing's high-tech manufacturing jobs in their states.

That's why it's somewhat amusing to see the showy handwringing in Olympia recently about these incentives. The tax incentive package passed overwhelmingly in a special session in November 2013 precisely because most state leaders grasp that the economic activity Boeing produces, the high-paying jobs it provides, and the taxes it generates far outweigh the theoretical value of the tax incentives.

Simply put, the incentives are a good deal for the state of Washington -- no handwringing needed.
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