December 7, 2015
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RESCHEDULED: Feb. 16 seminar, Employment at Will in Washington -- Dead or Alive?

Employers need the flexibility to make personnel decisions to meet their business needs, but they also need to be aware of laws protecting employees from discrimination. How is your company prepared to address "at-will" employment? Karen Galipeau Forner, founder and managing member of K-Solutions Law in Bellevue, will lead a two-hour seminar at AWB on Tuesday, Feb. 16, from 9-11 a.m. to help employers understand “at-will” employment and learn best workplace practices to minimize discrimination claims.

She'll address questions such as: What’s the true definition of employment ‘at will’ in Washington? What’s an employer’s duty to accommodate a disability?

Galipeau Forner represents employers in the areas of workers' compensation, workplace safety, administrative appeals and employment law. She is a frequent presenter at continuing legal education seminars and to employer groups. Prior to K-Solutions Law, Galipeau Forner worked representing employers as Senior Attorney at AMS LAW in Seattle for two and a half years. From 1993 to 2007 she worked at the Washington State Attorney General's Office.

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Becoming a Top Ten State

Opportunities begin here in Washington state

By AWB President Kris Johnson and Washington Roundtable President Steve Mullin

The central Puget Sound region and Washington have long been a center of global trade.

A look behind the numbers, however, reveals that many Washingtonians are falling behind. And far too many young people fail to get the education they need to succeed and compete for great jobs being created by Washington employers.
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Investing in Jobs

Boeing incentives are good for WA

By Rob McKenna

We're not talking about tax giveaways here; they're incentives to keep incredibly valuable airplane manufacturing right here in Washington. Our state benefits enormously from Boeing's presence. Just ask governors and business leaders in other states -- they'd love to have even a fraction of Boeing's high-tech manufacturing jobs in their states.

That's why it's somewhat amusing to see the showy handwringing in Olympia recently about these incentives. The tax incentive package passed overwhelmingly in a special session in November 2013 precisely because most state leaders grasp that the economic activity Boeing produces, the high-paying jobs it provides, and the taxes it generates far outweigh the theoretical value of the tax incentives.

Simply put, the incentives are a good deal for the state of Washington -- no handwringing needed.
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