November 2, 2015
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Yes, traffic really is getting worse -- and the economic recovery is part of the reason

Rush hour is much longer than just 60 minutes. The new Corridor Capacity Report from the Washington Department of Transportation details what most drivers already know -- commute and travel times are getting worse.

Commute times around the state are still a bit below pre-recession levels, but in the Puget Sound region travel times are 19 percent higher than before the economic crash. As the economy improves, more people are on the road.

In just one grim example, it takes 42 minutes to cover just 10 miles for evening commuters heading into Tacoma from Federal Way, The Olympian reports.

The delays on state highway cost drivers and businesses $808 million in 2014 ($116 per Washingtonian), compared with $777 million in 2012.

There are more drivers on the road -- licensed drivers are up 7.6 percent from 2012 to 2014.

The report is based on information from 2014, before the Legislature passed this year's transportation package, a $16 billion mix of infrastructure improvements, maintenance, transit and WSDOT reforms.

The Seattle Times rounded up the 10 worst Seattle-area traffic jams of 2015 -- from a lost load of bee's nests in April to a fish truck that crashed on Highway 99 in March and created traffic jams so bad that Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Stefan Frei was forced to park and jog to the match.

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Two-Part Question

Tacoma's Two-Part Minimum Wage Ballot Is Confusing -- Here's an Explainer

Tacoma voters have an important choice, but the ballot is a little confusing. You'll first answer whether you think the city should increase the minimum wage, then a second question whether the wage should rise to $12 or immediately to $15 if a majority of voters want it to increase.

Here's the important part.

Answer the second question no matter what! It does not mean you're voting for a minimum wage increase.

If you don't pick an option on the second half of the measure, it's like picking the option you don't want.

Click here to watch the full video on the Tacoma-Pierce Chamber's YouTube channel
Millennium Bulk Terminals

Timelines are important

By The Daily News editorial board

When it comes to big projects, timelines are important. Last week we learned the timeline for the Millennium Bulk Terminals' draft environmental impact statement was being pushed back. ...

Why are the goalposts being moved? Because it's a coal project?

Whether you support the Millennium coal project or oppose it, you should be upset with how the State of Washington has treated the timeline for this project.

Cowlitz County needs jobs and the Department of Ecology's poor performance isn't helping.
Click here to read the full editorial in The Daily News
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