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Manufacturing Videos

AWB knows that a successful manufacturing sector is one of the most important keys to our state's thriving economy. Please see how we are working to support this industry below.

AWB's 2019 Manufacturing Week Bus Tour: Day One

AWB's 2019 Manufacturing Week Bus Tour: Day Two

2018 Manufacturing Week Bus Tour Wrapup

B&O Tax Relief - Vaughan Co., Inc

B&O Tax Relief - Out of the Box Manufacturing

It's Time to Let All Manufacturers Win

AWB's Clay Hill testifies before Senate Ways and Means Committee - February 26, 2018

2017 AWB Manufacturing Week Highlights

2017 Manufacturing Week: Friday Recap

2017 Manufacturing Week: Thursday Recap

2017 Manufacturing Week: Wednesday Recap

2017 Manufacturing Week: Tuesday Recap

2017 Manufacturing Week: Monday Recap

2016 Manufacturing Day

NAM's 2015 State of Manufacturing Tour visits Washington - Highlights Video

NAM President Jay Timmons in front of Senate Commerce and Labor Committee - Feb. 9th, 2015