A Unified Voice Throughout Washington

The Grassroots Alliance was established in 2014 with the support of 25 chambers of commerce across the state. Now, the 90-member group is furthering its goal to solidify and grow this local grassroots network to support the legislative and economic development goals of AWB and the chambers. 

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Role of Local Chamber Grassroots Alliance Members

Grassroots Alliance Newsletters

With the tools provided by AWB, Grassroots Alliance members will have the opportunity to become more familiar with the legislative process and AWB policy positions to offer a unified voice locally and in the Legislature.  Alliance members will:

  • Become a statewide voice on top common issues
  • Communicate Alliance and AWB economic and policy information to members
  • Identify key industry voices to speak with authority on the top issues
  • Share information on key issues, transportation, education and minimum wage, with the community and explain the impacts the issues have on economic growth
  • Will identify within membership authentic voices that can speak locally, and occasionally to the media, on the top priorities established by the Grassroots Alliance

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For more information on AWB's Local Chamber Grassroots Alliance, contact Andrew Lenderman at andyl@awb.org or call 360.943.1600.