Washington's infrastructure needs investment — and pays dividends

As Congress and the president commit to "big and bold" action on infrastructure, groups representing a broad section of Washington state are documenting the need for a significant federal investment in our state's infrastructure -- and the major opportunities related to infrastructure investment. 

The Association of Washington Business (AWB), Association of Washington Cities (AWC), the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) and the Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) joined together to update a 2017 report outlining the needs and benefits of investing in Washington’s infrastructure: “Building the Economy: Infrastructure Needs in Washington.”

Key findings from the report show that:

  • Infrastructure is the foundation of a strong, competitive economy and thriving communities.
  • Washington state has a diverse economy, and we are uniquely situated to leverage federal investment.
  • Washington contributes well over $300 billion annual to the U.S. economy, making it a critical player in the nation’s economic success.
  • Washington’s total infrastructure needs are estimated to be over $222 billion. A level of investment to match this need would create an estimated 706,000-777,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Read the full report here